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    PTA Mom & Whore...why not?


    I am 36 and married to my husband since I was 23. I keep my body is great shape, am a natural blonde all over, including "down there". I keep myself looking as good as I can, and naturally look much younger. It's not me, it's genetics, my mother and all her sisters are in their late 50's or early 60's and look like they are 38. I had been to a cocktail party and a friend and I stopped by a well known, large hotel for a drink. She had to leave and I was left alone with my drink. I guess by sitting there alone, dressed in a cocktail dress, I gave men an idea. These two very good looking men, one… Read more

    Posted by ff42004a 39 minutes ago 340

    Unexpected Growth


    I DID NOT WRITE THIS. I FOUND IT AND LIKED IT. Unexpected Growth Pt. 01 byayrestom37© First of all, I would like to thank Tina, aka hentaikitten for editing my story. Without editors the world is a messy place to be. I greatly appreciate her work! This story is going to cross several genres through its progression. Science fiction, masturbation and i****t. All characters in this fictitious made up world are over 18 and are purely my own fantasy. Please don't send comments about it not being believable, that is the reason it's called science fiction, heavy on the fiction lol. It… Read more

    Posted by Clairsboy 1 hour ago 289 100%

    Learning even more from Grandpa

    AnalFirst TimeTaboo

    I had been living at grandpa’s house for a few days, and after that first awkward encounter when he caught me wanking, and our subsequent sex, we had settled into an open and exciting existence. We would play with each other’s cocks, spend most of the day naked, and he helped me to explore my teenage sex drive, and I ended up having two or three orgasms a day and a lot of cock play in-between. He told me that he had to take pills to help get an erection, and could only cum once every day or two, but the rest of the time, he was happy to wank my cock, suck it and I would play with his, and suck… Read more

    Posted by mannamookie 3 hours ago 844 100%

    Unfolding desire

    TabooLesbian Sex

    Cynthia was a shy ,well mannered girl. A a student,well mannered, popular. This day, she wore a light blue skirt and white blouse. Very unlike herself, she felt most comfortable in the arena. she was5’2 ,athletic and toned. With a petit frame. the last class of philosophy was hard. Ms Davis had been tough. Cynthia went out to enjoy the summer sun. Upon return( request) , her skirt flipped up and ms Davis couldnt help but smile seeing her wet lips. Cynthia’s nipples glistened in the half buttoned shirt, and ms Davis shifted. cynthia rounded her labia slowly, flicking herself. ms Davis smiled,… Read more

    Posted by Tracisbear 6 hours ago 795 50%

    Poker with daddy

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    I was waiting at the kitchen table for Zoey's boyfriend to show up. Tonight was supposed to be "the mysterious meeting." They had something to tell me. Of course, the little bastard was ten minutes late now. "He'll be here any minute," Zoey said, holding up her cell phone. "He said he's on his way." "You could just tell me what Ben wants to talk to me about, and I'll act surprised when he brings it up later." "No, Daddy," Zoey said. "This is important. We need to have this discussion together." I sighed, looking at my watch. "He's got five more minutes." Ben didn't need five min… Read more

    Posted by iamsuperman007 9 hours ago 3 2,874 100%

    Mother And Son, A Tale Of Forbidden Love- Part 4

    First TimeSex HumorTaboo

    Priya was woken up by the sound of car honking…It was 3 AM. She put on her night gown and opened the door. Dev hurriedly closed the gates and walked towards his mother. Priya ran to him and hugged him. They kissed on the doorway in wanton lust. Dev dragged her inside and shut the door behind him amidst of the kisses. Priya kissed and licked and bit him. Dev undressed in a haze while Priya took off her gown. He lifted her and placed her on the kitchen table. She took her panties off, spread her legs and guided her son’s head to her vagina “Ohhhuuuuufff…ohh yeah baby, lick your mommy, lick he… Read more

    Posted by Desiboy75 10 hours ago 960 100%

    A New Sister

    FetishTabooInterracial Sex

    A New Sister ---------- This Story is fictional although it might have occurred with embellishments added. ---------- When the dark suited man and the young woman walked into the office, I could not help but notice her arresting beauty; her mulatto light milk chocolate skin was smooth and unblemished. My jealousy was immediate when I saw Dad take her in slowly; It was a lustful examination and yet oddly a loving assessment of her figure and facial features. Seated with their backs to me, I strained to eavesdrop on the conversation, catching only a few brief sentences. I moved my stool closer… Read more

    Posted by frolicwonder 10 hours ago 6 1,000 100%

    My Virgin Sister

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    "No, I have money already." My sister said after I asked if she needed money from me. My sister is 14 years old. I am her 18 year old brother. We have one sister aged 8 years old who we take care of because Mom and Dad are alcoholics and abusive. I think of my sister as the Virgin Mary. She's got a small circle-like face, blue eyes, long blonde hair, thin lips, and a small bent nose. She takes real good care of our little sister when I'm at work and always listens to what I say. My sister is really quiet and respectful. She sometimes stares or looks at me trying to please me as I take… Read more

    Posted by sonny8023 13 hours ago 1 4,397 100%

    My cousin took my virginity

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    This happened. It’s up to you if you believe me, I don’t really care. I want to write it down though. While I don’t think I will ever forget this for the rest of my life, I want to remember the smaller details while they’re still fresh in my mind. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since it happened. A large amount of it is about me, a 17 year old male with nothing but my dick and my messed up thoughts. So no homo. You’ll get a better idea of what actually happened and how amazing this was for me if you read it all. Two weeks after finishing school for the day I decided to vi… Read more

    Posted by moneysex23 13 hours ago 2 2,156 78%

    A stepson and a stepsister find love

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    John: I guess this story starts almost five years ago on the very unpleasant afternoon that my father came home early and caught our mother in bed with another man. It really did split our family and the ensuing divorce was bitter. I have two brothers, each older, and, at the time, Russell was f******n, Dale, twelve and I, John, was just ten. It was so clear which parent was at fault that it took no effort for any of us to decide who we wanted to live with; it was our dad. Mom got visiting rights but we lived with our father after our mom moved out of the house. Life went along none… Read more

    Posted by Tonysex96 14 hours ago 1 1,614 100%

    Early morning rest stop play

    Group SexMatureTaboo

    It's been a lot of fun these last two days hanging out with some friends of mine in Tyler, but I finally had to get out of there. Too many people for too long just drives me crazy plus I wanted to see about maybe getting into something different, you know we've been partying and we all know where that leads, but for some reason lately whenever I party and play it's just not as fun as it used to be and the things that used to turn me on have recently lost their luster. I went to a couple of adult book stores within the area but the crowds there were just sleazy and nothing seemed to turn me on.… Read more

    Posted by wayfinder1 3 days ago 4 10,837 76%

    My Son wants his mother -2-

    First TimeMatureTaboo

    I jumped in bed with Debbie and began playing around with her. She came around and began enjoying what was happening. She was still a bit fuck up so I just kept screwing around with her. She love to be eaten and that is just what I did. She filled my mouth up twice before I stopped. I slid up her body and slipped my cock inside her. I began talking to her as she came out of her stupper. I was telling her how good she looked and how Jimmy thought she looked good too. What are you saying, she asked? I told her what I did and how I hoped that our son would try and take advantage of the situation.… Read more

    Posted by deniadaniya10 3 days ago 1 12,388 95%

    Mom & Daughter

    MatureLesbian SexTaboo

    Once in a while, you will see a girl that just shocks you with all the things you like about a girl. Whether you’re a guy or another girl. I don’t think anyone knows why and each person is different. This girl was one that just looked so hot, she was like a magnet to me. Her face, body shape, the way she smiles, her sweet eyes, the way she stands, just all hot female. You sneak all the looks you can, but can’t get enough of it. You start to plot ways to talk to her. I first saw Trisha at the burger place where she worked. She had a classic face, perfect shape, flawless skin and the most… Read more

    Posted by Tonysex96 3 days ago 1 9,404 96%

    I love my Sister

    MatureFirst TimeTaboo

    What do you do if you are in love with your own sister? You can try to ignore it, or even be rude to her so she keeps her distance. You can even try to block her out of your life completely. But, sooner or later, it'll be too much for you, and you will be drawn back to her. It's a bittersweet feeling, being close to the girl you love, yet not being able to show how you feel, since she is your own sister. You grew up with her, and watched her grow up, too. Yet, even through her bratty stage, or her hateful stage, you still love her more than any other girl in the world. I have this proble… Read more

    Posted by money8023 3 days ago 7 10,227 95%

    Episode 81: Grandpa's Fantasy

    First TimeTaboo

    “Grandpa - will you teach me how to suck cock” It was summer - I was sitting in the back garden, idly flipping through obscene photographs of young girls on a tablet when Amy bounded up wearing a new bright blue string bikini. She looked pretty hot now that the puppy fat had gone and she had grown into a lithe mixed-race beauty with dark bubbly hair and a huge grin. She must have spotted my favourite picture of one little naked blonde girl taking an old man’s cock between her lips while her friend looked on, waiting her turn. “But Grandpa, I hope you’re not all hairy like him – I’ve brou… Read more

    Posted by dasx2 3 days ago 1 4,206 95%

    Awesome Mom


    My experience all started when I was 16. Let me give you some background on my parents first. Both were from the same state on the East coast but never met until some years later. They both attended a Division A College in the Mid-West. My dad played football and mom played volleyball. My dad stood 6"'3", 250 lbs with dark hair and played tight end. My mom was 6', 150 lbs with blonde hair. Both could have been models. They met during their junior year and dated till the end of senior year when my mom got pregnant with me. Five years later my brother was born. My mom was only 21 at the time and… Read more

    Posted by moneysex23 3 days ago 2 11,434 95%

    Mommy Ass


    If you are a parent you have probably read, or even own, What to Expect When You Are Expecting and other self-help parenting books. Many have been very useful over the years, as I raised my two c***dren on my own after my husband’s premature death, when Crystal was four and Michael two. The books were helpful when I struggled to deal with my daughter's teenage rebellion phase and they were somewhat helpful as I dealt with my son's coming of age, although truth be told I let my brother help out with that one. Yet, nothing in any book I have read could have prepared me for what I saw that… Read more

    Posted by sonny8023 3 days ago 12 10,986 97%

    What it feels like

    Gay MaleAnalTaboo

    What does it feel like to be fucked in the ass? Imagine being bent over, legs slightly parted, ass tilted up. You feel him behind you before he touches you. All your senses are focused on your asshole…it clenches in response. You feel on overwhelming urge to be spread open. Then all of a sudden there is a low growl and your ass cheek is grabbed and pulled to the side. You feel it start deep in your belly and then spread out to your cock and balls. You want him to stick something inside of you…anything…his thick finger, his cock…his tongue. The first thing you feel is his wet spit followed by a… Read more

    Posted by supercocked 3 days ago 4 4,308 92%

    My Son wanted his mother -1-

    First TimeMatureTaboo

    My wife and I go out once in a while to have a good time. We found out it helps our sex life a lot. Debbie is a real cutie. She is only about five foot one and one hundred and five pounds. She has blond hair and blue eyes. Very nice figure, 34 C tits, short by nice legs and a butt to die for. She knows how much I love it when she dresses sexy. Letting parts of her body show sometimes. It is great watching men try and look down her tops or when she is sitting, up her skirts. If she has a few cocktails she gets more daring. By the time we get home I am as horny as can be. We talk about the guys… Read more

    Posted by deniadaniya10 4 days ago 3 7,846 97%

    Mother and Daughter –Motel Fuck

    First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

    I’m sitting in a cheap hotel in downtown Detroit; the curtains closed, the room light barely hiding the grubbiness of the room. The noisy air-con is struggling to cool the room at all. A knock at the door barely heard over the air-con, The voice the other side of the door saying, You there Mister, sorry we are late traffic problems. Standing in the doorway was a mum and daughter, The mother late 30’s maybe, dressed in lycra leggings and sweat top hiding potentially nice large tits, not too heavy, attractive face. Peek hole high heels, nails all finished in the same shade of purple. Hair brus… Read more

    Posted by daveaverage 4 days ago 2 6,680 88%