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    I made my husband gay

    Gay MaleInterracial SexMature

    I turned my husband Gay It was the office New Year party and everybody was there including partners, and I was yet again accompanied by my wimp of a husband who barely made any attempt to socialise. I on the other hand had not had anything between my legs for over a week, also had not eaten since breakfast and was feeling as horny as hell. I was dressed in a skirt, tied around my neck, which barely covered my arse even when standing upright. I had already decided I would enjoy myself so had not bothered with underwear as did not see the point putting any on only to tak them off an hour r so… Read more

    Posted by rudeolph 28 minutes ago 153

    My father in law enjoys my ass


    After my naughty second encounter with my father in law; we had nearly been caught by my loving husband. Maybe Victor began to get suspicious then; when after that wild fucking session with his father, I ran to the shower right away, hurrying to wash Enrique´s semen from between my thighs… Victor joined me in the shower and it turned sexual when he began fondling my boobs and started fingering me. My mind was still thinking about how his father had just made me squirt and then Victor found my pussy very warm, wet, and welcoming. And worst of all, some of Enrique’s semen was still worki… Read more

    Posted by Anitaslut44 2 hours ago 1 939 100%

    a sissy is born


    I was horny and tired of just chatting with online doms. Although, I loved them having me perform live for them on cam and taking me to various sites to expose me. I'm a mature male, who has become aware that I'm a sissy who likes to be used at least online and have met man on this site that used me as a 'gurl' fucking my virgin boi pussy. Although he never again fucked me, I returned to his house 6 or 7 times over the next few months to orally satisfy him. I think I got better with each blow job and swallowing his load was not an issue, I felt it part of the process of being a real sissy whor… Read more

    Posted by billyreno 2 hours ago 183 100%

    Naughty Office Sex with my Lover


    I just had the best sex in ages with my wife. We are staying about 2 blocks away from my ex-lovers office. I have been so aroused since we arrived and thought i would share. I came to town for work but combined it with a weekend - a long sexy weekend. She was working in this city on a long term assignment, so I was able to stay with her at the house her company had rented. A little about us: she is a natural red head, 40 at the time and very fit. Her "C" cup breast sit high on her chest and are a lovely behold (and squeeze), but it is her ass that still turns heads; tuned by years of nordic… Read more

    Posted by JimmyJazz2500 3 hours ago 1 570 100%

    A Christmas to Remember Part 3


    I followed Grace in to the kitchen where Momma had piled the table with a Christmas dinner big enough to feed a small army. The entire house smelled mouth watering with a blend of spices, sweets, and baked ham. Papa Charles sat at one end of the table, with his mug of Irish coffee. I’m surprised he stuck around but glad he did. Momma sat beside him, looking like a sexy Christmas elf in a new house gown. I took my seat with Grace on my left and Momma to my right. Our eleven year old son, David sat on Papa Charles’ left with Adam, his nine year old brother sitting beside him. Across from A… Read more

    Posted by deniadaniya10 4 hours ago 2 700 100%

    Rashidha Chap.12: Paul`s slutty client


    Throughout the past 6 years, I went to Paul`s for massages. As you can recall, Paul is my masseur. This first time went so well and felt so good that I had to go again. Though I was doing yoga, I liked to go there to relax. Yoga helped me mainly for different sex positions. But massages helped my body to relax and feel good. Not that I don`t feel good during sex. The first time he already saw me naked as I was wearing a naked dress. The following time was a bit awkward but went well as well. I remember I was in Uni and owing to many assignments I wanted to get a massage. It was a Saturday. I… Read more

    Posted by Rashidha 4 hours ago 1 269 100%



    No hubo que esperar al miércoles, a los dos minutos me llegó otro mensaje de Loli, diciéndome que se encontraba mal, que bruto del marido le había desgarrado el esfínter anal, vamos que le había roto al culo y que precisaba ir a urgencias .No le apetecía pedir un taxi ni llamar a un familiar. Ya me veía yo entrando con ella en urgencias, dando la cara por culpa de un culo roto que no era mi culpa, la situación no me interesaba, pero por otra parte sentía que tenía parte de responsabilidad. -¡Vale! Te acerco a urgencias pero no entro contigo, tienes que buscar a un familiar o amiga que entre co… Read more

    Posted by tanxir2 7 hours ago 108

    My Philippines Adventure Chapter 16


    We got the Fiance’ over to the bed and let her rest and I went to clean of my cock. My Toy then saw the young girl on the bed naked with a newly shaved pussy. Not being shy she dove right in, still in her uniform, and started eating the fresh pussy. The young girl woke and looked down to see her co work lapping her slit. When I came back into the room the Toy was buck naked and sixty nine with the young girl. I talked with My Lady Friend for awhile and she told me that she wanted to find some pussy to eat there but it was hard. I said if she did to make sure she set up the camera again. She sa… Read more

    Posted by zippypinwheel 8 hours ago 443 100%

    My Wife fucks another man


    It has been a while since our first adventure and that was one that wasn't planned so see our previous adventure from 4 years ago. ttps://xhamster.com/stories/my-wifes-first-threesome-seduced-true-374022 Here is an account of our next true adventure that occurred last month. Debbie is now 52 and I am 53 and we have both been married for 30 years. Debbie is 5'3'' and with a nice 38 chest, and average size for a woman of her age. For the past 4 years I have lived off watching my wife being seduced by a younger man and then slowly and sensually fucked. We had on occasions talked about the w… Read more

    Posted by markoxon 9 hours ago 1 1,900 91%

    Mom barges in her son's room. Surprise! Surpr

    MatureFirst TimeTaboo

    It had been a long grueling day. The exams had turned out to be even worst than I had expected. Four hours of trying to remember all the things that I had learned in four years of high school had my head throbbing. The house was empty and the shower was hot. I love to take hot showers. With mom and Sissy in the house, by the time I wanted to take my shower, the water was always just lukewarm. But with mom out and Sissy spending the night at her friend's house, I had all the hot water I wanted. I was lying on my bed thinking about all the fun I would be missing this weekend. Mom had grounded… Read more

    Posted by moneysex23 10 hours ago 5,943 96%

    My Wife fucks another man


    It has been a while since our first adventure and that was one that wasn't planned so see our previous adventure from 4 years ago. ttps://xhamster.com/stories/my-wifes-first-threesome-seduced-true-374022 Here is an account of our next true adventure that occurred last month. Debbie is now 52 and I am 53 and we have both been married for 30 years. Debbie is 5'3'' and with a nice 38 chest, and average size for a woman of her age. For the past 4 years I have lived off watching my wife being seduced by a younger man and then slowly and sensually fucked. We had on occasions talked about the w… Read more

    Posted by markoxon 11 hours ago 663 67%

    Mother's Touch is Best

    MatureFirst TimeTaboo

    Sometimes a girl just needs to blow off some steam. Go out with her bestie and have a good dance. And that's exactly what I was doing, in a club on a Friday night. After we left the club, we walked back to Linda's house, where I confided in her about my teenage son's erratic behaviour. Her response was not what I was expecting, and rather shocking. As Linda uncorked a bottle of wine, I began, "Tommy has been going completely off the rails lately. I don't know what's gotten into him. I don't know what to do, Linda. It's a weight on my mind, it really is." "Why, what's he been doing?" she aske… Read more

    Posted by Tonysex96 11 hours ago 1 1,982 100%

    Wendy does community service

    Interracial SexMature

    Wendy had been searching for something to fill her spare time and had volunteered to help a charity renovating homes in disadvantaged areas. The people she met at first were mainly organisers for various tradesmen that would be need to complete the projects and she shadowed a lady called Linda for her first couple of projects with Linda being the one to hand over the houses to their new occupants at first. As summer was in full swing Linda had planned to go away for a week or two which coincided with a handover which Wendy would have to take care of. As there was no manula work involved that… Read more

    Posted by adventureousmale 12 hours ago 1,504 92%

    A sensation with a TENS machine


    While searching last month for some old photographs in a cupboard I came across a TENS machine that I had bought a couple of years ago on the recommendation of a friend. At that time I was getting some really bad lower back muscle pain and he suggested that a TENS unit would help relieve the pain. A TENS unit is basically an electric shock machine which you attach to the body with two sticky pads on wires. The machine has a selection of patterns of current and different intensities and to get some pain relief I remember attaching the pads to different places on my lower back and trying all of… Read more

    Posted by printeven 13 hours ago 1 690 100%

    """"""SaraJay 1,&quo

    CelebritiesInterracial SexMature

    """""" " " "I "Damn, Mami stop screamin' damn." You "Alrig-Ri-Right daddy I-I wont scream no more." Then I finally got on bendin' knee and asked my special lady, for the 1st time in my life, the big question. Sara Justine - will you marry me?" . . . . "Uwwhh-uwrk-cluh->cluh-urky-- yes baby, I will marry you." You make->>ighh-igh in-in me so happy Al B., I dont and aint ever loved no man l-ll-luh-luh like you." I placed the ring on your finger and got up to my feet, passionately french kissing you as I was standing and squeezing on to yo fat juicy ass and spreading yo ass cheeks apart,… Read more

    Posted by johnvenomus 14 hours ago 260 100%

    Seeing Sisters 5 Mexico


    BBW steals her sister's hot bf chubby plump sexy Pt 1 http://xhamster.com/stories/seeing-s-rs-434988 Pt 2 http://xhamster.com/stories/seeing-sisters-pt-2-bbw-steals-hot-bf-from-hot-793101 Pt 3 http://xhamster.com/stories/seeing-sisters-3-795739 Pt 4 http://xhamster.com/stories/seeing-sisters-4-mexico-800242 They showered together, unable to keep their hands to themselves. Chuck was fascinated and attracted to her luscious curves. He grabbed her from behind, wrapping his arms around her. Robin in turn put her arms up and behind his head. Grabbing his hair and tipping her head backwards, s… Read more

    Posted by MFrederique 14 hours ago 355 100%



    Breaking your leg has got to be one of the most painful experience’s imaginable. Not to bad if you have a partner to help you get around, otherwise, like me. You end up hobbling around, banging into everything. Bathing or taking a shower was a nightmare, you have to put you leg into a plastic bag, to stop the plaster getting wet, but trust me, trying to stand in a shower with one foot covered in a plastic bag is not easy. I even tried having a bath with my broken leg hanging over the side of the bath, that works, until it comes to getting out of the damn tub!! after two weeks of countless ab… Read more

    Posted by red13dog 17 hours ago 1,909 100%

    While walking my dog.

    Group SexMatureVoyeur

    While walking my dog. My husband and I have not been getting on lately, he is always having a go at me, and I think he is getting a little frustrated with me, mainly in the bedroom if you know what I mean. I think mainly Oral and my refusal to suck his dirty cock. I am in my late 40s so I think I am going through the change, I have slowed down with anything to do with sex but I do still get horny at least once a month, but when I do, I get very aroused, just don’t show it to my ass of a husband. I have been told by others they like me to share a password in this story so you can see what I… Read more

    Posted by tonibbw 18 hours ago 7 3,668 100%

    RACCONTO DI UNA 50 Enne e il SUO BOY-Toy


    Ho 50 anni ma non li dimostro, o almeno così dicono i miei amanti. Mi guardo allo specchio tutte le mattine e scorro le mie mani nude sulle mie rotondità, scoprendo una donna in forma e che ancora attira gli sguardi degli uomini. Ogni tanto ne scelgo uno, molto più giovane di me, bello quasi quanto me e con tutti i muscoli al loro posto. Scelgo il meglio perché posso permettermelo e perché sono interessata solo a farci sesso. Non ho storie d’amore da anni perché ho capito che fare sesso con tanti ragazzi è molto più divertente che stare a casa a pulire e cucinare per un uomo. Il mio intere… Read more

    Posted by Mercurio47 19 hours ago 104

    A Geriatric Sex Story - Thank God for Neighbors

    MatureFirst Time

    I live in a condo complex - total of 24 units. Nearly everyone is of the "silver hair" set - quiet neighborhood, etc. There's a widowed woman living next to me - likely mid to upper 70s in age. About 5'4" - 130# or so. Lovely face, aged in common places. She's pretty independent, so I was surprised when my phone rang (she's president of the HOA) and asked if I could come over to look at something. I assumed it was a household need (leaking pipe, et al). She's always been pleasant & helpful to me, so - of course - I consented. It was about 11:00 a.m., and she's a go-getter, so I was surp… Read more

    Posted by goinstrong 20 hours ago 1 1,942 94%