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    A Lust for the Perverted (Bestiality, Taboo)

    TabooFirst Time

    Even my hubby doesn’t know about this encounter. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had gone upstairs, ran my bath went in to our room and stripped off and no one being in the house I wandered round in my birthday suite. I hadn’t even noticed him. We were looking after him while his owner, my hubby’s friend was overseas for 6 months. He was Great Dane appropriately named Goliath. I must admit at first I was a little uneasy about his size and my hubby mainly looked after him. However, after 3 months or so, I had gotten use to him being around. After my bath, I felt sexy and put on my… Read more

    Posted by hottiesocalmommy 2 days ago 35 28,859 96%

    Mom has the answer

    TabooVoyeurFirst Time

    Mom's arms rocked back and forth with the dice in her hand. My eyes flashed to her cleavage as it bounced with the movement. I could only look for a moment. She was my mom after all. Mom dropped the dice on the Monopoly board, "Eight! One - Two -" She counted up to eight. "Boardwalk! I'll buy it!" She smiled at me brightly and counted out four $100 Monopoly dollars. "Oh great." I said sarcastically. "Now you have the Monopoly. It starts with a couple houses and pretty soon you'll have hotels up. This game is pretty much over." I counted my properties with a bummed look on my face. Mom rea… Read more

    Posted by desankasakic 2 days ago 4 20,568 96%

    Mom reveals a special talent to her son.

    MatureFirst TimeTaboo

    It was early Saturday morning. I grabbed my small hamper full of dirty clothes and carried them down to the basement to toss in the washing machine, only to find that my mother had beaten me by a few moments. "I had no idea you'd be up so early on a weekend," she said as she shoved her bed sheet in the washing machine. "I'm going to the gym later and I forgot to do my laundry," I replied. "Oh. Well, this won't be too long." "No worries. Are you washing your sheets again? Didn't you wash them a few days ago?" Her eyebrows raised a little. "I did, but I was sweating all night be… Read more

    Posted by moneysex23 5 days ago 8 10,804 97%

    Daddy's Doggie Girl (teen, incest, beastial


    Daddy's Doggie Girl **Yasmine stays home from school sick. Daddy comes home early and finds his daughter with her dog and realizes he's jealous of the dog.** Yasmine was Carl's beautiful daughter. She was fifteen years old and a pure daddy's girl. She had grown up a lot in the last year, her five foot two inch body was supporting wonderful 32B cup breasts. Yasmine's long brown her fell just short of her waist and Carl was always telling his daughter to get it cut. She wouldn't though and secretly he was happy about that. Carl had been married for 16 years now and lately his wi… Read more

    Posted by hottiesocalmommy 3 days ago 14 12,207 95%

    Mom has the answer part2

    VoyeurTabooFirst Time

    I groaned into her tit. Mom's hand slid up and down my cock faster every time I pulled her nipple into my mouth. My hands were helping now and squeezed her tits together and into my face. She pushed out her chest for me. It urged me to suck even harder on her nipples. I was devouring her huge tits and we were both loving every minute of it. "Darrell... you're good at this... you're gunna make me cum just from this. I want to make you feel good, baby. Oooh... let mommy help you with this hard cock of yours." I looked upto Mom's face from her tits, her head was back. She was moaning at my fren… Read more

    Posted by desankasakic 2 days ago 12,897 96%

    Wet Mom

    MatureFirst TimeTaboo

    My mom had me was just 18, at least that's what she told me. Actually I knew that 18 was when she got pregnant with me but hadn't ever married the guy. He was only a year older than she was. She must have really loved him because she wouldn't go out with any guys. She did have a girl friend as I was growing up and sometimes she would sleep over with my mom when I was younger. My mom never admitted to being bi but a couple of times I came home from school earlier than expected and caught them in bed together. My mom always told me they were just napping. I didn't catch on until I was a lot olde… Read more

    Posted by Tonysex96 4 days ago 5 11,887 97%

    Caught by Mom - Just Fucked the Most Popular Girl

    First TimeSex HumorTaboo

    Caught by Mom - Just Fucked the Most Popular Girl in School I’m lying in my warm bed with the sun streaming through the open windows. My arm’s around a girl. She is THE most popular girl in school. Straight A’s, independently wealthy, funny, charming, beautiful and a body any girl, or boy for that matter, would die for. Her boobs are 36c’s, long shapely legs lead you to a perfect peach bum. I still don’t believe she’s here. We’re dozing after we’ve made love. Her head’s on my shoulder, her hand is d****d over my chest; heaven. “Was that the door?” We both sit startled from our slumber.… Read more

    Posted by CanoePirate 4 days ago 5 6,799 100%

    Vacation with my stepson


    Hi Y’all Many people have commented on my last story of an amazing random cock I sucked while on vacation. The main private comments I received were wondering if my stepson tried anything with me while I was in Utah and he was joining us from 29 Palms where he is stationed. I’ve been reluctant to say anything but have to admit we did have a little fun. The first time something happened during the trip we were sitting in a cabin we had rented outside of Capitol Reef National Park. I was in the little kitchen and my husband was out at the heated pool with my young boys. I was sitting with my… Read more

    Posted by wncslut 4 days ago 9 12,582 97%

    My Mother’s Friend

    MatureFirst Time

    When I was a young man (21) I had a car accident on my way home from college and suffered a spinal injury and it took about a year to recuperate. During that time I withdrew from college and lived at home. For much of the time I was in a brace of one kind or another, so I couldn’t do much. Fortunately I had a great family and network of friends to keep me somewhat occupied. One of the things I did was go over to a family friend’s house and play cards and backgammon. Sometimes it was with the k**s of the family (we’d all grown up together), but often it was with the mom, since the k**s were a… Read more

    Posted by gembolds 6 days ago 5 6,301 100%

    My hot busty neighbor is a real nympho !

    HardcoreTabooFirst Time

    I always wondered what my neighbor would be like if her husband wasn't around and I finally found out ! I was just sitting on my patio on a hot summer day when I heard the neighbors come out the door of their apartment next door to sit on their patio and I could tell by the conversation that they didn't realize I was sitting within earshot and could hear every word that was said. I had loved the awesome busty body of the wife from the first time I saw her sunbathing a few years ago but we have not really met officially . So I heard her saying to her husband that she was planning to get caught… Read more

    Posted by TITLOVER13 2 days ago 13 13,298 90%

    Sleep Over Part 3 (Kevs Mom)

    First TimeMature

    Sleep Over Part 3 (Kevs Mom) After we showered and fell asleep in the tent, It wasnt long before morning came Kev and Ray were already awake and Kicking the outside of the tent that Kevs mom Set up in the basement for us Ok, ok, im awake you dicks, fuck off already i said And i heard them laugh and i joined in Moms got some toast and cereal out for us We will meet you upstairs Kev said I laid back for a moment and in a rush everything that happened Last night came back in a rush and i caught myself smiling Thinking of what we did, but particularly Kevs mom Not only was i smiling, i was ge… Read more

    Posted by thealien 7 days ago 12 8,428 96%

    My mom's big boobs

    TabooMatureFirst Time

    It was a hot summer, a warm afternoon in August. As I came home, I shouted... " MOM! I'm home...." I glanced at the kitchen. But she was not there. So I walked towards garden. And I saw her. She was in the pool, swimming. "Hi mom! I'm home..!" I said. Mom looked at me and said " Hi Honey! How are you?" - "What a hot day, isn't it?" I asked. - "Yes hon. The pool is cool. Why don't you join me?" Mom said. I looked at my mom and laughed. "Mommy I don't have any bathing suit. I can't swim. I think I must buy one tomorrow." At that moment mom did something so erotic that made my cock excite… Read more

    Posted by desankasakic 2 days ago 1 14,856 90%



    After my divorce in 1980s I turned into a sissy slut and could not get enough cock or pussy and just loved sex all day every day all kinds and any kind. I had found a sex club in the area and spent many night at this club bent over and taking many cocks deep in my sissy ass and mouth for most of the weekend and sometimes even during the week at my house if I liked the people. It was a while after I had been to the sex club when a woman I had met at the club asked me if i would be interested in a little party with me as the guest of honor. I asked her what she had in mind and she said well I… Read more

    Posted by crossdresser55 2 days ago 2 7,065 98%

    Teen sucks his best friends cock.

    First TimeGay Male

    All I could think about was sucking Tim's cock. It happened after a school party. We had got ahold of some beer and being young, we got pretty intoxicated quickly. I had fantasies about sucking cock before, ever since a saw a "Playgirl" magazine years earlier. The men looked so sexy posing with their hanging cocks. I was drawn to the images of their dicks. So, when the chance to see one for real arouse, I acting on it. It all seemed pretty innocent at first, but maybe subconsciously I made it happen. Tim and I stumbled into his room late that night after the party. We couldn't stop laughing… Read more

    Posted by PaulMayer00 3 days ago 10 4,779 98%

    Huge Milk Maid Part 1


    When I was about 13 years old, and entering the raging hormonal phase of my life, my parents hired a woman named Trisha. My family was wealthy, and employed many housekeepers. Trisha was hired as the fifth housekeeper at our house/mansion. Like the other four housekeepers, Trisha was a “live-in” maid. She had her own room in a particular wing of the house that facilitated the “help” regarding our house. There was, however, something that was much different about Trisha from the other four housekeepers. Although all five of them were about the same age, (almost 30 or so) Trisha was the only on… Read more

    Posted by Rando1177 2 days ago 3 9,863 95%

    Fucking my gay neighbor, with my wife's permi

    Gay MaleAnalFetish

    My fiance and I have a partially open relationship. We’re both bisexual and exclusive within our relationship to members of the opposite sex. However, each of us travels for work regularly and we decided our trips would be a good time for each of us to indulge in our bisexuality. Half the year, she’s gone three days a week, and half the year I’m gone three or four days a week. We miss each other when we’re gone, but it’s a perfect arrangement that we’ve got worked out. Recently, our neighbors who lived in the house across the street moved away and their house was sold to a guy named Julian,… Read more

    Posted by daveevans 3 days ago 6 4,829 93%

    The Bach


    Sitting at home , redundant to my ex employers needs, divorced from my fist punching husband , and alone as my c***d has grown up and left home , I read an article about a massage parlour that has not been allowed to advertise on their websites for a mature female sex worker. I enjoy sex , giving blow jobs , butt fucking, and getting my pussy fucked by energetic men and I am often found at local bars picking up men to scratch my itch. I google the website . Find the phone number and make the call. Hello Hi I am calling about the job that was in the news Yes $120 per hour is that after all ex… Read more

    Posted by hornybiker99 4 days ago 5 2,319 94%

    A mother's dilemma.

    First TimeMatureTaboo

    Joan Simmons was a 48-year-old mother of two, who had been married to John Simmons for the last 22 years. In the beginning they had a wonderful sex life and frequently made love two or three times a night, although over the last five years it had been more like once a week. Joan was not one to complain although she did miss the physical contact from her husband. Both are c***dren were now in their late teens Robert being the oldest at 19 and James Younger by three years. Reasonably comfortably off, the Simmons family lived in a large four-bedroom house; the master bedroom and ensuite bathroo… Read more

    Posted by deniadaniya10 2 days ago 2 10,964 95%

    Squirting for son

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    It was early Saturday morning. I grabbed my small hamper full of dirty clothes and carried them down to the basement to toss in the washing machine, only to find that my mother had beaten me by a few moments. "I had no idea you'd be up so early on a weekend," she said as she shoved her bed sheet in the washing machine. "I'm going to the gym later and I forgot to do my laundry," I replied. "Oh. Well, this won't be too long." "No worries. Are you washing your sheets again? Didn't you wash them a few days ago?" Her eyebrows raised a little. "I did, but I was sweating all night be… Read more

    Posted by iamsuperman007 4 days ago 3 6,064 97%

    Farm Family Adventures

    Group SexTabooFetish

    Farm Family Adventures ---------- I was taken quite by surprised seeing Kelly again. She had spent the day here during the Farms open membership event a few weeks ago, and I convinced her that she would be a perfect model for the Prestige Farm Brochure that featured the custom saddles and bridles. Her body is that of an athletic swimmer, pear shaped, with wide shoulders, 36DD chest, trim waist and shapely hips. Her piercing green eyes glowing like emeralds under blondish hair bundled in a green, ribbon Corset Braid straight out of the Victorian Age. Her jeans were tight and she wore a parti… Read more

    Posted by frolicwonder 4 days ago 12 6,534 97%

    The Lady from church

    First TimeMature

    Hey all this outta freak some folks out. I have been going to church with a thai girl i met at a fast food joint. Well there has been an older woman. By older i mean 60 to 62. Shes about 4'11" taĺl with huge tits and dressed like a queen every sunday. Well last week her house burned down. So i offered to let her use my basement suite. So low and behold saturday night the tap in the tub stuck open. I answered my basement door to her knock. She was dressed in her housecoat with a towel wrapped around her underneath. Crying the tub wont stop filling. So i put on my house coat and came down. With… Read more

    Posted by longhood80 3 days ago 5,418 94%

    Daddy takes his daughter for the first time.

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    It was a crisp fall night and he stood watching as his baby girl snuggled into her soft blanket as the cool air streamed in through the window above her bed. Her plump warm thighs lay open, uncovered by the blanket giving her daddy a mouthwatering view of what he craved nightly. This was going to be the night...it was just the two of them in the house alone, and he was going to finally taste the sweetness of those thighs and relish what lies between them. He would have one month off from work...one entire undisturbed month to taste every sweet morsel of his baby girl's body, his daughter, the… Read more

    Posted by money8023 4 days ago 3 7,608 91%

    Wife exposed at Doctor....part 2


    My wife was having an exam and the doctor called me in. See part one. She complained about a pain during sex sometimes and the doctor wanted to use a "medical device" to attempt to stimulate her to see if the increased blood flow during sex caused her vagina to have an obstruction. It was not possible to see it during the normal exam. I was now in the room as she laid back after agreeing to allow him to try and cause the problem, to see what could be done. The doctor ,, myself and the new male doctor were now in the room. She was now naked with her feet in the stirups. I looked at her and I co… Read more

    Posted by 8896E 6 days ago 3 4,704 96%

    Older boy turns me into his CD sex toy.

    Gay MaleFirst TimeFetish

    Brett lived down the street from me growing up. He was a few years older than me, but was always hanging out at my house with my older brothers. On day, Brett came over when my brothers were gone and no one else was home. Maybe he knew on one was there, I don't know. I told them no one was home, but he said he needed to come in to get something he left in my brothers room. I let him in... Brett sat on the bed and after some small talk, asked if I liked, "cock." Of course I said no. Brett asked have you tries it?" "Well how do you know you don't like it if you have never tried it?" I just kin… Read more

    Posted by PaulMayer00 5 days ago 5 3,234 93%

    She was a he

    AnalGay MaleShemales

    “Gosh she’s hot” That was my first thought seeing her dancing and laughing at the club I visited late one evening on the road. She had a lean taut body, long legs, pixie haircut, and a big smile. Cute and sweet and feminine. I’d been driving for hours and wanted just a little noise and activity before bed in the motel beside the bar. The beer and the music were good, and the crowd seemed relaxed and friendly. I was happy just to sit at the bar and watch for a while. She had other ideas. After a dance number ended, she came over and said ‘Hi, I’m Faby. You wanna dance?” Her voice was low an… Read more

    Posted by IgnatiusR 3 days ago 3 4,086 96%

    Training My Husband to Suck Cock

    First TimeGay Male

    I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month. Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tried many different kinks. We have evolved sexually to the point where Michael wears women's panties regularly, and is very submissive to me. Michael loves oral sex, both giving and rece… Read more

    Posted by 425olds 5 days ago 3 3,610 93%

    Sissy gang

    ShemalesTabooGroup Sex

    I was a fairly typical 18 year old, which is to say that not only did I watch a lot of pornos, but that they had got more and more hardcore and interesting as I had gone on. Where once I had enjoyed the sight of a girl fingering herself, now what I liked to watch was a pretty teen white babe being fucked every which way by a gang of huge and well hung hard trannys. I never expected, however, that watching this kind of thing would lead to something even kinkier, naughtier and, therefore, much more arousing. One day, I, as usual, began to search the net for whatever hot, steamy, interracial por… Read more

    Posted by jballz 2 days ago 3 6,235 96%

    Me, My Girlfriend and My Sister...

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    Why don't you kiss each other?" There was a pause, then Ellen gave Kelly a quick peck on the cheek. "No! Properly! You know. Tongues and all that. Properly!" There was a pause, then Kelly turned towards Ellen and put her lips to Ellen's. For a few moments they were kissing coyly, gently, but then I saw it - Kelly had pushed her tongue into Ellen's mouth. Ellen had let her. Their tongues were entwined, they were kissing passionately, arms around each other. They paused, looked into each other's eyes, then put their lips together and were kissing hard. As the kiss continued, I reached… Read more

    Posted by Tonysex96 5 days ago 3 4,121 100%

    Mom and Best Friend Seduce Son

    MatureFirst TimeTaboo

    Today is the big day. Charlotte stood at the foot of her bed with her costume laid out before her. The classic schoolgirl outfit still sent her heart skipping. The idea of dressing so erotically was not new to her but thinking about the intended partner gave her a warm feeling deep in her core. Charlottes best friend Violet had convinced her of this particular one. Saying it went well with her chestnut brunette hair and chocolate eyes. The two of them had put this whole party together for one purpose. Charlotte was, with the help of Violet, finally going to fuck her son Michael. The party was… Read more

    Posted by moneysex23 5 days ago 1 4,036 100%

    MILF Next Door

    First TimeMatureTaboo

    Well not technically next door, more like a few blocks away. I had post on Craigslist looking for a wuick hookup in my area. I was 18 and couldn’t be any more horny. When I got the reply from her I knew I was in luck. She was a 50 something librarian, with a very curvy BBW style body. She explained how she was recently divorced and looking for some fun. We agreed on a time that I would meet her at her place. I got there late around 10pm and quietly knocked on the door. My heart was racing for what seemed like hours before I heard the locks on the door shifting. I walked in and she closed the d… Read more

    Posted by uncut_full_of_cum 6 days ago 1 6,292 95%

    Wicked Stepdaughter

    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    It was Saturday morning and I was up early, as usual. The house was quiet. My daughter, Lacy, was at her Mom's. I crawled out of bed and wandered, sleepily, to the kitchen, in only pajama bottoms. As I walked by the extra bedroom, I noticed the door closed. It dawned on me that my stepdaughter, Courtney, was staying here this weekend. My oldest stepdaughter, Darcy, was home from New York with her husband and the baby, occupying her bedroom at Mom's. I had a running invitation that if any of the girls ever need to stay in my guest rooms, they were always welcome. I had, at least partly, rai… Read more

    Posted by sonny8023 5 days ago 3 4,214 95%

    Clubhouse of Awakening Desires

    TabooGay MaleHardcore

    It was the beginning of Summer Vacation from our first year of middle school and my best friend, and neighbour, Clark, and I were hanging out in the clubhouse we had just finished framing up in the woods behind his house, when his father, John, payed us a visit. We hadn't heard him coming up the trail, so it was a mad dash to put our shorts back on when we heard a knock at the door. Thankfully we had thrown the door's latch and had the window shutters closed, or we would have been caught right then and there. As it was, John, still gave us an inquiring look since we were standing there in our… Read more

    Posted by dongerdoug 5 days ago 3 2,453 100%

    Sexy Step-mom lends a hand - Part 3

    First TimeMatureTaboo

    Jake felt like he was going to explode. Danielle had been giving him looks all week, on Monday, she had cornered him after breakfast, and backed him up against the table, her hand reached down, stroking the hard, eager bulge of his cock, straining for her hand. She whispered, "No playing with yourself, Jake, your Dad has a one day business trip Thursday morning, and I want you to save it, have a nice, big load in your balls, and your step Mommy will make the wait well worth your while." She made sure that Jake got more than enough looks at her awesome body for the rest of the week, not ju… Read more

    Posted by deniadaniya10 5 days ago 2,098 100%

    Mexican Granny Next Door


    This is a continuation of my story Granny Moved in with me. Early one morning about 2:30 a.m. Irma came to my room wearing her nightgown and slippers. I had just gotten up to use the restroom so I wasn't fully sleep. Irma pulled the covers back and got in the bed with me, I turned over to lay on my back cause I knew what she wanted. I felt Irma's hand on my dick which was already erect. She pulled the covers down and started sucking my dick. Good morning! Irma mumbled with my dick in her mouth, good morning Irma I said to her, I pulled her gown over her head and had her to climb aboard… Read more

    Posted by lexasgreen 6 days ago 1 2,282 100%

    Wives Sister Shows Best


    This is not my story, but its a good one! My wife’s sister, Gloria, was visiting for a few days. I know, I know – another story about being tempted by a sister-in-law. It’s not exactly like that. Not that I wasn’t immediately tempted. She, first of all, is a knockout. A tennis coach, so she’s fit, but beyond that she’s beautiful. Striking eyes, high cheekbones and a long, supple neck. Many times really fit girls have these flat chests – and that’s fine, too, but she flaunts some very serious cleavage. And she’s usually wearing a tight sports bra and I don’t think her nipples ever get flat. T… Read more

    Posted by Captain_Stubble 6 days ago 2 3,119 100%

    The Teacher - Part 01 -Beginning-

    TabooMatureInterracial Sex

    Hi today i am going to tell you a story about me and my teacher, She was a small women but her tits were big comparing to her slim body. her skin was brown. eyes were black and also the hair. her tits size was dd i guess. her tits were round and perfect, her ass was round and perfect too. her age was between 25-35. One day i had to stay after school because i got in to a fight, it was around 5.30 pm, i was at school, the worse part is there was a train stick and there was no trains to go home,at that time i met the teacher and she asked me "arent you going home ?". i said "i want to but ther… Read more

    Posted by asithaisu 3 days ago 1 5,014 85%

    Just A Game - Part 1 "Ecchi"

    MasturbationFirst TimeVoyeur

    At school I was always model of the class since I am one of the most silent student among others. I think I am just as observant as I am right now instead of craving more for attention. Even though I was very observant and curious about life I was a late bloomer for my age. The boys in our class talks about things that I don’t really have any idea but I am a naturally a good friend so I just laugh with them even though I don’t get the message. Like others, it is a self preservation approach so others wouldn’t see me as stupid. Even though I heard my classmate joke around with names and stories… Read more

    Posted by Tanxtan 2 days ago 5 11,809 86%

    Sleep Over Part 4 (Kevs Mom)

    First TimeMatureTaboo

    Sleep Over Part 4 (Kev's Mom) Kev’s mom was standing there in all her beautiful glory, pinching her erect nipples and telling me, Will you do what i ask of you?, Will you? If you do, i will make you smile every chance i get. She proceeded to fondle her tits run her hands over her stomach, lean over and touch all of her body, and i am hers. How fast can you get it back up? she asked. With how you are feeling yourself up and your fantastic tits and nipples, not long at all i replied. She sits beside me on the couch, spreads her legs open, and inserts 2 of her fingers deep into her wet cunt… Read more

    Posted by thealien 4 days ago 5 2,170 100%

    The reader on the bus


    Today I got on the city transit, at the city center. I recently lost my license, DUI, and now public transportation was my ride home. I made my way to the back even though almost all of the seats on the bus were open. Nobody I bothered me and I kept to myself most of the time. I liked it that way and tried to make sure the other passengers knew. Several people got on after I did and a group of older ladies got on at the first stop. I did not see her waiting to get on the bus, but at the next stop she did. I guess I might have been playing on my phone because I normally don’t miss checking out… Read more

    Posted by Lucassluver 3 days ago 3,642 100%

    My first date

    Group SexTabooFirst Time

    My first date I'm Nancy I started to date when I turned 17 my parents were cool with my boyfriend because they knew him (Mark) from church and liked his family and he lived just a few doors down from us. He was 18 and had just gotten his car and according to my father it was a sensible vehicle and not a hot rod , but a nice car with four doors and a small v6 engine bench seat both front and back a real family car. My father said that we were to be back by 10pm OK I said that we were just going to the local burger joint ride around town and would be home on time. That made my parents very ha… Read more

    Posted by n8xpr 5 days ago 2,848 100%

    The Glory Hole

    First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

    Three years of marriage and already she was fucking around behind my back. She didn't know that I knew, and kept up a real front, the perfect little wife. "Oh, John, I really love your cock up me. I'll do anything for you. Oh yes, baby, that's it. Harder. Deeper." As deep as David's? I thought to myself, fucking her harder. David was one of Jenny's lovers. His cock was almost twice the length of mine. How do I know? Easy — I set up a hidden camera last time I was working away. In fact, I've built up quite a collection over the last few months. Yeah, Jenny sure can fuck. "Here, put these… Read more

    Posted by wilderunners 4 days ago 2 3,563 100%


    First TimeHardcoreTaboo

    I met Jamie at a track meet. I went to watch my friend Michelle compete and cheer her on. I ended up spending the whole day eyeballing the cute little blonde with the perfect ass. As it turns out, she was actually one of Michelle’s teammates, so I begged her to introduce me. Eventually, Michelle gave in and introduced me to Jamie. I spent the rest of the meet with the both of them, cheering them both on for every event. Michelle told me I was making a fool of myself, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t help it. She was probably right though because every now and then Jamie would roll her eyes an… Read more

    Posted by nist1980 4 days ago 1 2,761 95%

    Good Wife Katie back on the street with second bro


    When Harry was invited to the event he already had other plans and he suggested I go in his place. I knew a few of the other guests and the host, Conor, lived near us and would drive me to the event. I didn’t know him so well, but I was aware that he was single, had been divorced for a few years and had a reputation with the ladies. Last time I went to a charity do I was auctioned off to the highest bidder, well bidders it turned out, who knew what to do with their slave for the nigh! The close and personal attent… Read more

    Posted by Harry58 4 days ago 20 3,255 95%

    My first threesome

    First TimeGroup SexHardcore

    My favorite part about my job is that it allows me to travel, a couple of years ago they sent me to Tampa for a weekend conference. They put me up in a nice hotel with a gym, so I decided to check out the yoga class. I always loved the way my ass looks in yoga pants, so perky and round. But my 32 double D’s have a hard time fitting in my sports bra. But I managed to stuff my girls in along with the little pad so you don’t see my nipples getting hard when I get horny (like I always do). And I headed to the gym, when I got there I couldn’t believe how beautiful our yoga instructor was. She was P… Read more

    Posted by Persephonepleasure 5 days ago 6 2,610 100%

    Mom Pegs Son with Pet's Help


    "Babe c'mon, what are you doing?" Jake's voice was shaking. He had never seen this side of his girlfriend before. The blonde bombshell straddled his torso, her bosom still restrained by her ice blue bra, hovering above his chin. "Relax sweetie, you're gonna love it I promise," she cooed softly as she affixed Jake's wrists to the bedposts, having already done the same with his ankles. "Brooke, my mom can come home any minute now, she never calls when she leaves work," Jake pleaded. "Don't worry Jake, you can untie these yourself but ya gotta know how," Brookes golden hair formed a cur… Read more

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    A Mothers Son #2


    After my mother had jerked me off the last time it seemed my sister or my father were always around, though mum seemed happy to walk around in her underwear or be naked where I could see her. Of course I fantasised even more about her and my underwear and bed sheets were stained by my cum by the time they went into the wash. Summer rolled around as did school holidays and we were supposed to all go on a family holiday to Cornwall, father had a week off sister ended up on a modelling assignment in the States (she was one of the models often seen in fashion magazines at the time), as often happe… Read more

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    Losing my gay virginity

    AnalFirst TimeGay Male

    First off, I never thought in a million years that I would be gay. I had always considered myself kind of a womanizer for the longest time. As more time went on, I became more attracted to men. The first time I did anything with a guy was when I was with my ex-girlfriend and she dared me to kiss a friend of hers who was gay. So I did and after that, I had always been bisexual. A few years and more bad experiences with women later, I pretty much decided that I was no longer attracted to women. I had an online dating profile and changed it to say I was gay, but the only experience I had was kiss… Read more

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    Willing Seduction

    First TimeGay MaleAnal

    I stood in front of the building and could hear the music coming from inside. I had thought about this many times, but had never mustered the courage (or something) to actually do it. I don't know why today was any different, but here I was. Each time I had completed my preparation ritual of complete shower, total body shave and meticulous hygiene habits. Before getting dressed in the insanely tight pair of jeans I bought in a moment of weakness for just this occasion, I slid into the black lace panties that felt wonderful against my smooth cock. I put on my pressed oxford shirt and sprayed on… Read more

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    True story: married Mormon fucked in mattress stor

    AnalFirst TimeHardcore

    I recently got divorced having had to move out I was looking for a mattress. I went to one of our local mattress stores in the store clerk there was with someone. I was forced to look around the store for a while without help. The girl there noticed me and said she would help me when she was finished up with this customer. So I’m going bed to bed laying on them trying to figure out what I liked while I waited for her. The whole time that she was helping that person I noticed that she was watching me. Finally when she came to me she was all smiles and seemed excited to talk to me. She had… Read more

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    My Mother’s Friend II

    MatureMasturbationFirst Time

    After Deb and I had sex the first time (I won’t call it love...yet, but there was a lot of like there), to say I followed her around like a love sick puppy would be an understatement. She’d taken a virgin boy and made him a … well certainly not a confident, mature, well rounded lover, but I was quite an enthusiastic young fella. The second time was almost two weeks after the first. I’d been over to the house numerous times, sitting in the kitchen in the morning, holding hands and kissing and a little petting, but nothing beyond that. The weekend arrived and so had Indian Summer. The temper… Read more

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