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Caught by Dads new Girlfriend

Everything about my life was normal until I reached 12. I had a normal f****y and I thought everything was great. Then the unthinkable happened and my parents split up. As a young boy I didn't understand it all so I just stayed in my room as it all happened. After a few weeks my dad had moved out and I was then brought up by my mum with my b*****r and older s****r. Several months later both my parents were dating again. Most weekends my mum was out and occasional she would bring a man back and I would her them fuck in the room next door. It was at this stage in my life that I noticed my cock ... Continue»
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First Gloryhole

I'm a 43 year old, married white male. I've always been obsessed with idea of sucking a cock since I was in my teens. Well, my opportunity came when my wife had to go out of town on a business trip and I had decided to finally try it. I had been researching for some time about how to meet someone when I came across a site for gay men singles wanting to hook up. I knew it was risky and maybe I should try to explore with a friend, but I didn't know if any of my friends were curious. So I decided to try a gloryhole that I've been reading about on this site. It also happened to be within a 15 min... Continue»
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Me, Mom and i****tuous Lust

I took her the first time in the kitchen. I had wanted to fuck her for a long time, years. We had been alone, living on the outskirts of a small town. Just my mother and I, alone since my father died.

I had quit school so I could get a job to help support us. My Mom worked too, both of us at a local food processing plant. My father had insurance, but it hadn't been a big policy. There wasn't much left after the funeral costs. Our combined pay gave us enough to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We had a six year old car too. There was not much left for entertainment or new cl... Continue»
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CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Big b*****r fucking s****r. BW

You go into your moms room to grab your freshly folded laundry off the bed, and your younger s****r pops in the door behind you and quietly shuts it behind her.

She looks at you, looks away for a moment and looks back. Then she giggles like she thought of something really naughty, or maybe funny. A moment passes and the she pauses. She heard from her friends at school that you have a big cock, and she begs you to let her see it.

"Come on dude, just let me see how big it is."
She pauses again, "I heard you have a nigge... Continue»
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I fucked my best friends mother.

When we where 18 years old, me and a my friends where often partying at my best friends house. This particular day we were supposed to go clubbing. My friends mother was also home, but the party was upstairs and she was staying downstairs, so she wasn't bothered by us being noisy. At one point of the evening I accidentally spilled my beer all over my trousers and became soaking wet. I walked downstairs to ask my friends mom, Carina to help me with some cleaning gear so I could clean up the mess created. Carina was in her midst 50:s and had a quite voluptuous and a bit chubby figure. I didn't c... Continue»
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My first time at the gyno.

I was so nervous as I entered the waiting room, my legs even trembled slightly as I walked to the reception desk to check in for my appointment.
"Hi, I'm Leah, I have an appointment at two," I mumbled, feeling my cheeks flush as if this were something terribly embarrassing. The receptionist smiled up at me before typing something into the computer.
"With Dr Kelley?" she asked.
"Yes," I replied, tucking my hair behind my ears.
"He's running ever so slightly late, so take a seat and wait for your name to be called,"
"He?" I asked, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. They... Continue»
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Hot Mom

I grew up in the sixties which was perfect for a young sex addict. Many girls and women did not wear a bra and if they did it was a sexy sheer bra, which allowed their nipples to poke out against their clothing. My hot sexy mom was one of these women. She never wore a bra or panties and my cock was always rock hard around her. My parents were divorced and I lived with thirty seven year old Mom. She never wore much around the house and I was always getting glimpses of her perfect perky tits, her to die for ass, and her bushy pussy. My favorite outfit of hers was her little silk robe she wore. T... Continue»
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Mom Stays Home Sick

When I was eighteen I still lived at home and worked. One day they gave us the day off. I had already gone to work so I returned home. I didn't expect anyone to be there because both my parents worked. They commuted together so I figured they had gone.

I went to my room and put on a pair of loose shorts, no underwear I just wanted to relax. I went down the hall toward the bathroom, passing my parents room. The door was open. I saw my mom lying on the bed naked and sweating.

My mom was not the hot mom every guy wanted to do. But she had E cup tits, with nipples the size of the end of my t... Continue»
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Mom's Attraction

"Fuck I need to go so bad," I said as I ran to the bathroom.

I guess this is what I get for drinking so much today. Today is my 18th birthday and my f****y threw me a party at our house to commemorate it. My parents feel that as long as it is at home that I can have some alcohol since it is supervised. I have to admit that I had snuck more drinks in then they new about. Thankfully I only drank enough to get buzzed and am not feeling any hangover effects. The only thing wrong was that since I was a little buzzed seeing some of my female friends that I invited over in bikinis started to get t... Continue»
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Just Sex with My Son Turned Into Lovemaking

Just Sex with My Son Turned Into Love Making

One night my husband and I came home to find our son fucking his girlfriend on the couch in the living room. My husband and I went out for dinner, just the two of us, and we stupidly trusted and thought that our son would just innocently watch a movie with his girlfriend and then take her back home. We should have known better than to leave a 16 year old boy with his girlfriend alone. That was how I got pregnant by my husband, who was just my high school boyfriend then when we were both 15 years old.

We made the mistake when we were young, and... Continue»
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Friendship with an older man (Continued)

After enjoying a shared experience with Tom I felt even more excited about what we could do together. It felt amazing being masturbated by him and I loved the feeling of pumping out my semen all over his hands or into tissues or whatever else we did but it was even more of a turn on seeing his erection and watching him ejaculate for the first time made me come instantly. I played over in my mind the sound of him groaning and then the white liquid streaming out of his engorged penis and running down his fingers and into his pubic hair. I thought about it every night when I was wanking myself sl... Continue»
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Neigbours Daughter Lucy

When no one is looking I call her "juicy Lucy" . I have seen her grow up and started to notice her a few years or so ago when she stopped looking like a little girl and more like she was discovering herself..men know what I mean!. The wife and I would often babysit her or let her stay with us if her parents were running late and couldn't be back to meet her from school . I never did or attempted anything when she wasn't old enough but this little cracker was now sixteen (legal in U.K) . She is a tiny 4ft8 and doesn't seem to grow much. She has a really good white complexion with tit length mou... Continue»
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My Neighbor Ching

The house next door went up for sale and I was hoping that when it sold it would have a bunch of hot horny girls my age in. I had hit puberty and was ready to have a girlfriend and start having sex all the time. The people that moved were not a bunch of hot girls. It was some people, with a guy my age. That was okay because he was totally cool and we became like best buds. His mom was Chinese, I mean from China Chinese. She even had the funny accent, which she would make fun of also. Her name was Ching.
Two weird things, this k** did not look Chinese even though his mom was straight up a... Continue»
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Friday night at the adult teather

Friday night I was home alone; then I decided I needed “some action” until my loving husband Victor would be back from his long business trip.
I was wearing a tight black miniskirt, opaque black body stockings and my six inches stilettos. I looked in the mirror and saw a real street hooker…

When I got into the adult theater, a Latin guy followed me and sat next to me. Two black guys watched me walking by, but they just stayed far away.
The Latin guy sitting close to me dropped off his pants and asked me to suck his hard dick. I was disappointed as he was a little bit small, but he played ... Continue»
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Showering at the Gym

A while ago, I joined a gym to play racquetball. I am not that good, but I love to play. A few times a week, I would meet my friend there and we would play a few games. I never used the other facilities and would always wait to get home to shower. One day, shortly after I arrived, my friend texted me to cancel. I had a few hours to kill before my plans for the evening, so I went exploring. I went around trying a lot of machines until I was thoroughly tired and sweaty. I didn't want my car's seat soaking up my sweat, so I figured I'd take a quick shower.

I went in the locker room and ... Continue»
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Mom Opens Up

John, if your mother knew I was calling you she'd kill me; but I hate to see her this way. We've spent days talking and time after time she tells me how much she misses you and how empty she feels. Couldn't you at least spend some time over there or at least call her a few times a week? It's been a month since you left and her heart is broken."

"Aunt Dee, if this was anyone but you I'd tell them to 'jump in the lake' but you know I love you and you were always there when I had my problems with mom. I wish I could explain the situation but believe me, I call her almost every day but I had to... Continue»
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my wife

the wife and i had been married for over ten years and had three c***dren,I had been the only one she had ever been with
and i was the jealous type,I owned my own business a home remodeling co.although i was the jealous type i wanted to see
my shy wife with another guy,i used to ask her while we were in bed while we were hot and horny if she would fuck another
guy for me,i remember the first time i asked her she was shocked and quickly said no,as i kept fucking her i would stop just
before she came she was moaning loudly and told me not to stop,as i had her on the verge i told her it was a... Continue»
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Mom Gives Son Advice

Mom Gives Son Advice

I am a divorcee. My husband left me after five years of marriage. The only thing good about the marriage is that I have a son, Tim. Now that Tim is married and lives in an apartment with his wife, I live alone.

My romantic life has never been very good. Friends tell me I have a very shapely body. Unfortunately, my facial features where never considered pretty. I always had a problem attracting boys when I was younger and that problem continues today.

Recently, I have been dating George. I don’t know why he wants to date me because he is a handsome divorced guy. ... Continue»
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Riding with Mom

Riding With Mom

My father had promised me a trip when I finished college. He said it was a good idea to get away from it all to give yourself a chance to reset your mind. I knew my father had traveled in his youth, so I was pretty geared up for where he was going to send me, at his expense. I had visions of hitting all the sunspots, VISA and booze in hand, and girls waiting to take their place.

Ahhh, but not so fast, Roger. The Promised Land doesn't always meet your expectations. As it turns out, my trip around the world was an eight day wilderness horseback excursion with Ma and Pa H... Continue»
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The Neighbor

I looked at my friend Thomas as I chewed the last bite of my hamburger. "No, I'm afraid I can't make it tomorrow," I said. "I know that Saturday is your only free day, but it'll have to be next week. I promised my neighbor I would help her with some minor chores tomorrow."

"That's quite all right," Thomas replied. "I guess I'll see you in 8 days then. I have to run, got to hit the books now so that I'm finished before Sunday."

I nodded as Thomas pushed himself away from the table. "Bye, Jerry," he said as he waved. I waved back at his departing figure.

I signaled for the check as my... Continue»
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Mom helps out, s****r got courious


This happend some years ago, and it was the thrill of my life.
Living on the countryside, with my mom and little s*s named Jenny.
I was s******n when it happend, and my s*s only t*****e, and my mom just under her 50:s.
One evening at dinner my mum suggested we should go for a ride with our bikes and into the forestto look for mushrooms.
I was not to entusiastic, but promised to join, just to keep mum happy.
Early next morning we started, and we had our breakfast and lunch in some boxes.

After an hour of biking we was really in the middle of nowhere, and mum stopped for brea... Continue»
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First BBC Not my Last

My name is Kirsten. I'm twenty-five years old and unattached. I'm a redhead, not flaming red, but still a redhead. I stand about 5'2", weigh about 135, and I have generally nice curves. Not huge up top, 32C, but no one has complained so far. I try to stay in shape with running and visits to the gym when I can.

My recent success hooking up with a couple using the ads on Craigslist had me feeling rather adventurous so I begin looking through the other listings. I avoided the male seeking female ads, focusing on the men seeking a couple. I figured that a different kind of man was placing thos... Continue»
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Mum, Dad and Auntie Sheila

It was approximately 8:45pm and dad was out as usual but mum was sat downstairs with her friend, I called her Auntie Sheila, she wasn’t my real Auntie but that’s what I called her. They were sat on the sofa drinking wine, I was sat at the top of the stairs, our room was open plan so I could see the TV from there, and where they were sitting, I was 15.

As I watched the TV I noticed mum leaned over and whispered in her ear, then they both laughed, mum put her wine glass on the coffee table and Auntie Sheila took a drink and put hers on the floor. Mum turned to face her and put her arm across ... Continue»
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Alone at the parking lot

I was home alone on those days; my husband was flying away on business.
On Friday I went to the local mall for some late shopping after leaving my office. When I finished my purchase, the sun was setting down and the parking lot was almost completely empty.

I walked to my car when I heard a strange sound and turned my head back.
A short walk from where I was standing was a concrete loading dock for the shops. I listened in silence and then I heard the noise again but this time I could identify it as a human grunt.
I decided I should investigate; there could be someone hurt.

As I turn... Continue»
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Erika stretches my sphincter - Jul 2017.

It has been a few months since my last adventure and I apologize for the delay. Not much has been going on and because of that, I started to get the itch. You know - the one that says you need to get some. And online porn was simply not going to cut it. So I reached out on everybody's favorite anonymous hookup source - Craigslist - in the hopes I would get lucky. It's always a longshot, but ya never know; I have had fair success meeting fun and sexy and real people on CL. Of course, I've also dealt with a lot of shitheads and flakes and fakes as well. Call it a mixed bag. Nonetheless, ... Continue»
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Daddy daughter sex

Everything is falling into place. My mom is on a business trip and my dad is in the shower. He doesn't know I am here and I came over just to see him. I am in his bedroom, listening to the water sprinkle on his naked body. Is he dreaming of me right now? I've tried sl**ping with him since before I joined my college sorority. Shit, since before I even developed boobs. And college has done nothing but awaken my fantasies and sexuality. I've had men and women in my bed, sometimes at the same time. I've had oral, vaginal, and anal sex, occasionally all at the same time. One time I fucke... Continue»
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My Taboo Uncle Aunt And Cousin

I was only sniffing dirty panties at that age and jacking off with either my cousin or my 2 friends. We would sneak into my uncles room when he was at work during the summer and watch his porn and steal his magazines. We seen these big cocks and girls sucking all over it. So we got curious of course I was the first one to say anything and make a move. I was 9-10 my cousin was 12. So I asked him "How big is your thing?" He looked at me with a smile and said "you wanna see it!?" Then he said "it's getting hard right now" I was curious about his cock he was older and bigger ... Continue»
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The Barbaric Milking of Cock

In the Year of the Milking Fist, by the sixth moon, I was captured by Amazon raiders carried by Valkyrie ships to raid our coasts. I don't know why, but it was said that the Amazon milked their male prisoners. It is said that the Amazon, a terrible, fierce horde from the East, ****d and pillaged males across the known lands - the Chroini Empire fell, as did the Durkestal, Jormania, Wiropa, Olorland, and Torotia. It is said that the Amazon laid siege to Qorina for two years until that great city fell. It is said that the entire male population was enslaved and milked dry, that the Amazon did te... Continue»
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Pee For Me

The sun had already set some hours ago and most of the pool-partiers had given up the water for drinks at the outdoor bar, or at the various tables ranged round the patio overlooking the beach. Paul and Janet had taken a secluded table far off to one side and were having a very interesting conversation...

"Pee for you?" Janet asked. "You mean, so you can watch me... or did you mean... well, something else." Paul looked away, his face lightly flushed, and Janet had her answer. "So... would you want it in your mouth, maybe... or, on you... you know, down there?"

She indicated what she mea... Continue»
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How I seduced and fucked Mrs Welder, an old retire

Mrs Welders was a petite lady with grey hair and glasses. We used to be teacher colleagues, before her retirement a couple of years ago, We kept in touch because Mrs Welder continued working as a substitute every now and then even after retirement. Her husband had passed away about a year prior to her retirement and I supposed she needed the extra money. We always came a long fine and I always liked her for her gentle personality. She was quite strict and even if she had a sense of humor, she was someone you treated with respect and a high level of seriousness.

Once during a gym class in ... Continue»
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Mom Had To Be Right

Ethel sat across from her son, Jeff, in a small restaurant that shared a parking lot with the motel they had rented a room. She studied her son as he scanned each woman in the restaurant, either sitting or walking by, coming or going. It was not the first time she had noticed his seemingly involuntary attention to whatever woman was within his line of sight.

Though she would not admit it, she was sexually frustrated that she did not have a man in her life, except for the occasional boyfriend who never lasted longer than a few months. Her son marrying a bitch she considered "trailer trash" t... Continue»
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Beyong the point of no Return

I can't believe I walked through the door.
I told myself over and over that it would never happen, that it would always remain a fantasy.
Here I am on my knees and the the most perfect specimen is mere inches from my face.
It is cut, long, smooth, and capped with a large mushroom head.
I know I want to taste it, to run my tongue up an down it, to take it inside my salivating mouth.
I can't, I can't go beyond the point of no return.
But I can grab it, I can stroke it, and so I do.
I feel it throbbing in my hand, it is smooth.
It is thrusting in from that hole and it feels good in my h... Continue»
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Porn Booth Surprise!

When I was traveling all the time for business, hard core porn was cumbersome to download and I certainly wasn't going to do that on my work laptop. So to get my porn fix, I would often visit adult video stores and jerk off in the preview booths.

Often when I wound up in Portland, OR, I would visit several of the adult stores on route 5 and 1 in the Dalles; a small town a little east of PDX. It was at that last one that I had one of my best encounters of all time. It was late at night, I had no sex prospects as I was only in town for a couple of days. I just want to get jerk off to some por... Continue»
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Sex With My Friends Girlfriend

So Me and a few of my friends had recently taken a vacation together down to the shore. It was me and 5 of my close friends, 2 of whom had brought their girlfriends along. We had pooled all of our money together to rent a beach house for a few days. I was having a great time, the beaches, the food, the alcohol, it felt good everywhere except the wallet, but I was having such a good time that I didn't care. There was only one problem: 8 of us living so close together, there wasn't much privacy and I fancy myself as a man who enjoys his privacy. Sometimes I need some good peace and quiet to pull... Continue»
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The Policewoman.

I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark black hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. Abo... Continue»
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An unexpected 4some!

Throughout the years, me and my best friend Stephanie have shared everything from clothes to cock! We have no secrets from each other and have been the others biggest cheerleader. We have made love together countless times and have also had several 3somes with our boyfriend's at the time. This one evening was very different. I was dating a guy at the time and we were spending the evening at my house. She called and asked if she could come over. Of course I said yes. My boyfriend liked her and we had recently had a fantastic 3some with her. He enjoyed it very much. She is super gorgeou... Continue»
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How I became a black cock slut

My first marriage was a bit of a disaster. It turned out that I was too small for my wife (who didn’t tell me until several years after we were married). At first the sex just became less and less frequent. I was a late developer and so my first sexual outlet was porn, so it seemed natural to turn to it again so that I could stay faithful to my wife. I was a buff personal trainer and self-defense expert – a black belt in Gracie Jujitsu (no small feat) and a 4th dan in Tae Kwon Do; but mainly I just did personal training. A lot of women came on to me (and sometimes me and my wife-as she wa... Continue»
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Me and my stranded mature lady

One late evening last June, I was driving home from a late night at work when I came across a stranded car I'm the side of the road. The man I am I stopped just a little up the road to see if I could offer any assistance. I reversed my car back a little and stepped out. I couldn't find anyone in the car so had a quick check around. Out of the trees came a woman around 50-55 age mark who was incredibly beautiful and very elegant and posh. I asked her if she needed any assistance to which she replies " oh Thankyou yes please I'm waiting for a recovery firm to rescue me but I've been told the clo... Continue»
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Strip poker wife

My husband and I went to the casino that night hoping to have a little fun. I wore a tight white dress with a cute pair of white panties and bra. My shoes laced up my calf. My husband wanted me to go out with no panties but I told him he was rushing things. Besides, I get so wet when I do that sometimes I leave wet spots.

When we got there my husband and I went to one of the poker tables and sat down. The chairs where very high so I was careful not to show too much, yet. I was having fun and wanted it to last. After a few hands we went to get a couple drinks upstairs at the bar.

We t... Continue»
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Mom ... Can I... Fuck Your Face?

I am an 18 year old guy. I love my mother and my mother loves me. But lately as puberty kicked in I felt this affection in a completely different manner.

She began to sexually arouse me. It's strange because my mother is not a bold, sexy or hot chick who's thirty years old, she's just hit forty and has a very motherly face and attitude. Her body is also moderately attractive with fertile breasts - big but not huge - and she sports a fine butt.

I wouldn't call her sleek but at 5'8 she's tall and that makes her look sublime. She speaks in a very soft accent and has a very melancholy voice.... Continue»
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The Prom II

“Let me help you.” I lifted my bra up a little and he began rubbing my nipples. I had a lacey top on that was tuff to get off. And it was 2 pieces kind of like a double camisole. I stopped him again then lifted my blouse which delighted him. He got right to it and suckled my little boobies. Meanwhile I was looking at his pants and he was bumping forward. I wanted to rub his cock butt I rubbed his thigh near his groin. I was a cock teaser and not giving it up so easily. {I still had some masculine thoughts in my mind.}. He was pantin... Continue»
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Some strange sounds in the basement

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night; sweating and breathing heavily. The clock said it was now five. I was alone in bed; my lovely husband had flown the previous day out of town.
It was Saturday now and I had gone on a “girl’s night out” with my kinky girlfriends Helena and Camilla. But now I was alone in a bed that was not mine and I could not even remember a single scene about that night out…
My throat was dry and then I went to the kitchen for a glass of cold water.
As I went downstairs, I could see I was at Camilla’s home.
Then I had some flashes about that night at the dis... Continue»
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Best birthday

My wife Jamie and I had been married for nearly twenty-seven years, and as the years passed it had become a real challenge on finding birthday gifts for each other. Anyone out here who had been in a long-term relationship can attest how difficult it can be to find a gift for all the occasions. It had been almost four months back, and my birthday was once again just around the corner. My wife was stumped on what to get me like usual, and I had basically everything a man would ever want or need except for one thing, and that was to see her shared with another man.

She had so far resisted tha... Continue»
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My First Gang Bang

Years ago, after my dom of 7yrs and I split, I was lost, needing to reclaim myself, and discover what I truly enjoyed. I chatted with tons of men, women, couples, crazy people, sane people, you name it - I talked about it, thought about it, dreamed about it and wanted to try it. So I dove in, which is actually more my style than the insecure submissive I felt I was back then. For years my ex and I had discussed, flirted and toyed with the idea of mfm, fmf, and many other scenarios. Looking back now, I believe we were an unhealthy team. I know, of course I'd say that! That doesn't mean I didn't... Continue»
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The Sunday before my husbands overseas business tr

It was the Sunday before my husband was going to fly overseas for his anual  business trip and meetings. His flight was on Monday morning at 10h30 which meant he would have to be at the air port by 7h00 to be safe.
Unfortunately I was on my period that weekend and waking up Sunday morning early my husband was too awake and while I laid cuddling him my hand moved over his handsome body. My hand eventually made its way onto his cock, and he had a morning glory.
What's this I asked my man.
It's a lollipop with cream for you to suck he replied.
Oh really I replied and I then made my way on ... Continue»
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My slut friend Nikki

The following story is dedicated to painprincess93.

It was a Friday afternoon when I ran into a close friend of mine Nikki at the shops. She was buying brandy and some other boos for a fun weekend that she was planning to spend with her friends on Saturday. We chatted briefly and considering we hadn't seen each other in a long time Nikki invited me over to spend the night telling me that her parents is away for a few days and she has the house to herself for the weekend.
I said that sounds amazing and I accept her offer. (Nikki and I never dated but had sex on a few occasions including f... Continue»
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No longer driving by......

I remember back to my teen years I would help my dad with a garbage route he would do on Saturdays to earn extra income. I wasn't really fond of the work but it was the drive to the landfill I would look forward to because it would take us past an adult bookstore. There was just something about the lingerie in the windows and the neon lights that just screamed out at you and you knew you just had to stop and explore. Well the day came I passed my drivers test and with it the freedom to just drive to wherever I chose and in the back of my mind I could hear the bookstore calling me. The on... Continue»
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Amelie's Power Play

I was on a plane back home. It had been a long time since I had been home, and I wondered what it would be like. I was especially curious to see if anything would change between me and my s****r, Amelie.

My parents were sports freaks, and had named both of us after athletes: me for the great Terrapin, Tahj Holden, and s*s for the tennis player Amelie Mauresmo. It only took in her case, though. Growing up, even though I was 2 years older, she had always been bigger and stronger than me. She was also smart, skipping both 5th and 7th grade to catch up with me before we entered high school.
... Continue»
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Viagra Powered

I’d been having some problems with erectile dysfunction. But after a lot of nagging from my wife Kathy and an embarrassing visit to my doctor I’d been prescribed Viagra, and now Kathy and I were enjoying the pleasure of my Viagra-stoked tool doing its work at full power.

One evening our friends David and his wife Julie were with us. I’d had my eye on Julie. She was about Kathy’s age, mid forties, she was quite a beauty with her dark hair always perfectly styled, and on beach days with David and Julie her swimsuit had made it obvious she’d kept a shapely figure. Before I’d started taking Via... Continue»
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Prostitute Stories: Lil Bit

When you've been cruising for whores for as long as I have you become experienced enough that you start to see patterns. You meet similar types of people, see similar behaviors, similar body types, personalities. These in turn help you develop guidelines for how to approach certain women or warning signs on women to avoid. For example here's a sample of some of my guidelines based on experience.

If a girl gets in your car and the first thing out of her mouth is how much the date is going to cost and how long the date is going to last kick her out. These kinds of girls ALWAYS give you bad se... Continue»
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