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    Suzi: I'm Suzi the slut stripper Wife Part 5


    Suzi: I’m Suzi the Slut Stripper Wife part 5 James had been in a state of constant arousal since the two guys fucked me last weekend. I thought that by now, almost six days later, that his arousal would have waned somewhat, but this was not the case. In the last six days my mouth, pussy and asshole have been flooded with his spunk, due to the fact that every given opportunity, he has been slamming his rampant cock in one of my holes. It got so bad on Wednesday that I had to tit fuck him to give my holes a bit of reprise. It may have a lot to do with Mike and Dave fucking me last weekend, it c… Read more

    Posted by neilmc123 47 minutes ago 157

    the rainy night

    AnalShemalesInterracial Sex

    I ve been working at the tennis club for 2 years Mike and christopher the only 2 player risking playing that night but really just sit near the court watching the rain poor down drinking them beer i endup getting offered one and join em since there was no job to do both telling me they came just to get away from them bitchy wives laughting all together i went to buy more beer after my shift getting the soccer match on and we stayed under the covered area eatching the game on the big screen that usually showed the scored at event the match ended and we walk to the locker where our stuff w… Read more

    Posted by kylefuckyou 47 minutes ago 208 100%

    Melissa Part 2


    It had been two days since I'd had my cast removed. My leg was weak, and I had to use a walking stick to move around for any length of time. The hospital had advised me to have physiotherapy, to help build the strength in my leg back up, but I didn’t want to be travelling back and forth to the hospital, more so because I didn’t feel comfortable driving yet. So I arranged for some home physiotherapy, this was after I had spoken with Melissa, she knew a certain person who was quite good at massages. I laughed down the phone at the thought of her rubbing her hands up and down my leg... I arrange… Read more

    Posted by Reddog04 47 minutes ago 1 165 100%

    A dirty story

    First TimeMasturbationMature

    I had always been interested in the more developed female, from a young age this was when I accidentally saw my neighbor topless in her bedroom, she had huge tits and always wore tight fitting tops that hugged those huge jugs. As I developed I became more infactuated with her and used to jack off to her image in my head of me sucking on her large nipples. My dad’s sister Aunty Sally she was adopted and was gifted in that department as well and always said she regretted not having c***dren , personally none of her k**s would of gone hungry, I sneaked a peek at her bra size once when I visited 4… Read more

    Posted by rodma 1 hour ago 891 100%

    I Made Him Cum TWICE!


    Hi everyone! Wow - I am really enjoying this summer! The hot weather really brings out the sex in people. I had a really busy weekend at the adult arcade this week. Yesterday - Sunday - it was really hot and humid, so I chose a pair of hot pink, butt baring short shorts with suspenders, a black bandera style halter top, and 3 inch black and pink high heels! I had a really cute little pink bow in my hair, a cute black clutch purse, and rhinestone sunglasses. Oh - and a frosted pink lipstick! I got such an erection, looking at myself in the full length mirror before I left! The adult arcade is… Read more

    Posted by angrybrute 1 hour ago 1 484 100%

    Helen's version

    Interracial Sex

    This is the story of Helen’s black man experience s I have pieced it together from what she has told me. We had been fantasising about Mike for a few weeks before he arrived. When she met him she had already been fantasising about him. He was handsome and fit and she was immediately wondering whether he had a big cock. She said there was a churn in her stomach when they shook hands. He was charming and funny and they got on well. Every time she saw him she was looking at his ass or crotch and wondering...., but she says she had no intention of following up on anything. They went out for… Read more

    Posted by SlipperZ_99 2 hours ago 188

    Helen's version

    Interracial Sex

    This is the story of Helen’s black man experience s I have pieced it together from what she has told me. We had been fantasising about Mike for a few weeks before he arrived. When she met him she had already been fantasising about him. He was handsome and fit and she was immediately wondering whether he had a big cock. She said there was a churn in her stomach when they shook hands. He was charming and funny and they got on well. Every time she saw him she was looking at his ass or crotch and wondering...., but she says she had no intention of following up on anything. They went out for… Read more

    Posted by SlipperZ_99 2 hours ago 317 100%

    Call Me Daddy, Part 8

    AnalBDSMLesbian Sex

    'Oh My God', I thought to myself. 'He brought a woman into my bedroom. "Take your place up on her pillow." I heard Daddy say. "Perhaps your scent will be a constant reminder as she sleeps." I felt to bed move as this woman climbed up and took her position in front of me, her legs on the outside of each of my arms. I then felt His hands on my rump... at least I assumed it was His Hands. After all, maybe He invited an entire bus load over. "SMACK!" I jumped as I felt his open hand make contact with my bare butt. "Focus, Slut" His powerful voice filling the bedroom... my bedroom, OUR bedroom.… Read more

    Posted by DaddyMd 2 hours ago 391 100%

    Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 01

    FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

    I had developed quite a reputation among the community of men who frequented the adult bookstores in my city. I was almost always recognized by someone as soon as I entered the place. By now, most everyone knew not to bother trying to suck me. I wasn't there for that. I was there for one reason; to suck cock and receive cum. On rare occasions, after taking all available loads, I would consent to someone taking mine, but not often. Don't get me wrong, I love having my cock sucked. But part of the thrill for me is that I am worthless and not worthy of getting off. My sole purpose is to pleasure… Read more

    Posted by Shanghaipuxi38 3 hours ago 341 100%

    The Special Lesson

    First TimeGroup SexMature

    Mr Thomas was already my favourite teacher at my boy's grammar school, back in the late 60's. I was in the lower sixth, just 16 years of age, and what happened in our small “personal development” class that Summer term was mind-blowing for me and my mates as well as confirming that Mr Thomas was the best teacher anywhere EVER! “Personal Development” was a phrase used in my school to cover stuff like relationships, a bit of sex education (we'd covered reproduction in biology a few years back), personal hygiene and things like that. The sessions could have been embarrassing but Mr Thomas was al… Read more

    Posted by radionpg 3 hours ago 833 100%

    Pretty Blonde Sissy

    AnalShemalesInterracial Sex

    Naked and young - in bed with a big black MAN! Both of our naked bodies entangled together. I learned to give blowjobs early. I started masturbating when I was very young. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. At that time I was living with my mom and her boyfriend Micheal. I never knew my real dad, Mom never talked about him; once, when she was drunk, she told me she wasn’t even sure who he was. Mom always had boyfriends as far back as I can remember. Three or four of them lived with us at different times, but they never stayed for long. She met Micheal… Read more

    Posted by angrybrute 3 hours ago 1 442 100%

    Ex gf's mothers tights (pantyhose)


    So when i was 25 i was going out with a nice girl called Laura who was 20 and i'd met when i was on a night out with some friends. She had a nice figure and we'd got chatting and got on well and arranged to go out for a few drinks together then started going out properly as a couple. She wasn't really much of a tights wearer and as she didn't really need to wear them for her work she only wore them now and again although after a few months of us dating i did tell her i was a leg man and liked females in tights so now and again she would wear a pair for me when we went out and i persuaded her t… Read more

    Posted by lovetightsman 4 hours ago 1 919 80%

    Friend's mom footjob


    Jason was 18 years old and just graduated high school. As kind of a light celebration, he would be spending a few days at his best friend's house before they both had to go their separate ways for college at the end of the summer. The visit would serve a dual purpose, both a celebration for having graduated and also to say their goodbyes. Jason called it a celebration but really, he spend the whole time playing games and stuff like that, sort of a last chance to be k**s again before they had to move on to the big adult world of college life. Jason was in his bedroom packing a bag for the weeke… Read more

    Posted by FOOTsexchannel 4 hours ago 938 86%


    Group SexHardcoreMature

    My Slut Wife is a well known Cum Slut wife and She fuck more than 3200 Man in 4 Years that's why photos are Uncensored Meine Ehefrau ist eine absolut unersättliche Eheschlampe und darum suche ich mehrere geilen fremden Schwänzen zum Mitficken, also welcher Stecher will es der Ehesau richtig zu besorgen? meine Ehehure will ständig ihre Beine breit machen, wir brauchen hier wirklich noch einen mehrere harten Schwänzen um es ihr mal so richtig zu besorgen! Bei Sympathie kann sich später eine Dauerfreundschaft entwickeln und… Read more

    Posted by DonJokers 4 hours ago 1 817

    Grandma's Friend

    First TimeMature

    This happened about three years ago. I was 23 years old and had gone to visit my grandma, she lived on her own about 5 miles away from where we lived so I liked to visit her at least once a month when my work allowed. This day was a Wednesday and as I walked in her friend, Audrey, was sat with her in the kitchen they were talking away. I’d been there around fifteen minutes when the phone rang, as grandma came off it she said “I’ll have to go to the shop I’ll be about an hour, you know where everything is Audrey make yourself at home”. Grandma was managing a charity shop. As she left I sat… Read more

    Posted by hunter043 5 hours ago 1 2,821 100%

    ting tong ping pong ding dong bing bang bong

    First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

    'ting tong ping pong ding dong bing bang bong' - this was the reflex, sensing the nature of the contents. the first thing then that happened, the moment i saw the first attachment, was, my sleeping penis suddenly shuddered, and shook awoke. the skin covering my pink berry slipped down into rings of gatherings just under the head of my pecker, exposing my innocent lychee to the boundaries of my inners, as my glans swelled up, growing thicker larger and heavier. there was reasonable commotion inside of my underwear, enough to make me change my posture, and i was semi erect. as my fingers swipe… Read more

    Posted by satinsinner 5 hours ago 240

    Sex under Duress


    It had been a very wet July back in 1993. It rained almost every day during that month. So when there was an afternoon that was sunny, I decided to take advantage of it. I went golfing! I skipped my summer class (so did my professor) and drove out of town to a small nine hole course. It was one of those small community golf courses that was very cheap to play. So I wasn't surprised that only one car was in the gravel parking lot as I pulled in. I walked in and a familiar face greeted me through a cloud of smoke. Her name was Nancy. Nancy always wore a tight top, showing off as much cleavage a… Read more

    Posted by Daleharris 5 hours ago 1 1,429 100%

    Lyla Meets her match


    "Sunni, the take away arrived." Lyla called through the bedroom door. "I'll be out in a second!" Snapped Sunni. "What is up with her lately," Lyla thought to herself, "She has been acting so fucking weird." She emptied the food from the containers onto plates and poured two glasses of wine. This girls catch up was long overdue, ever since the fuck up at the convention Lyla had been so distracted with trying to make it right to Clarke, she had barely seen Sunni in the last two weeks. "Sorry I snapped, I was just getting out of the shower." Sunni said, wrapping her damp hair up in a towel.… Read more

    Posted by dakotadanders 6 hours ago 369

    Mason Letter 04

    AnalGay MaleHardcore

    Dear Figaro, This week has just been so fucking crazy, I will do my best to fit everything in. I just do not know what is happening with my life right now. I seem to have such high points and then really low points, I just want it to even out but I don't think that will happen any time soon. So I finally met Theo's pen pal Brad. After I found the strange letter I just went to bed and didn't hear them come back from their day out exploring. I was going to the kitchen after a crap night sleep, they were already awake and making breakfast in the kitchen, Theo was making breakfast I should say,… Read more

    Posted by dakotadanders 6 hours ago 180 100%

    Enslaved Chapter 66


    Quentin, in an equally luxurious suite next to Julia’s, was also drinking champagne. It was a liquid which seemed as freely available as water aboard the ‘Paradise’! Miss Judith, so scantily clad, had been invited to be seated and was also taking a glass. “Most kind of you, Sir,” she said obsequiously. In fact Miss Judith could have had as much champagne as she liked... but it was best to play up to important guests. “My pleasure,” smiled Quentin. His piggy eyes roved over Miss Judith’s ampleness. “I must say you are looking most attractive.” “Thank you Sir, it is nice of you to say so. Rar… Read more

    Posted by Victor-Bruno 6 hours ago 312 100%