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The Masseuse

He was very specific with his instructions.

The scenario he gave me was tantalizing, erotic. It wasn't like anything I had heard before, and that's what turned me on in the first place.  Even though this was a complete stranger I figured I'd give it a try.  That little risqué element
was part of the turn-on.

After parking the car, I turned the engine off, pulled the keys from the ignition and put them in my purse. I was nervous, my hand trembling as I tilted the rear-view mirror to check my makeup.

Here goes nothing I thought to myself.

It was warm out, and I the bree... Continue»
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My friend from work was having a difficult time as his wife had recently left him, so I invited him to come celebrate mothers day with my wife and I. It was 7 in the eve when I pulled into our drive, as I reached to open the front door, it was opened by my wife, she was wearing her "FUCK ME ATTIRE". I had stopped and gotten her a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine, her eyes lit up when she saw I had gifts, but then she noticed I wasn't alone, I had a companion with me. Her eyes grew wide with shock, she blushed a deep red, and grabbed her robe to cover herself. Being as it was as sheer a... Continue»
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Tried and Like the Glory Hole

I had seen it and heard and read stories about so finally it was time to try it. I waited until it was late when I thought it would be not so crowded. So put on my loose fitting shorts a t shirt and sneakers. Took a couple rubbers and was on my way to the glory hole. I was nervous when I road by the place it has more care there than expected so I went to a corner store and got a couple of beers. Then went back and parked and observed the glory hole (adult book store).I drank the beers and said what the hell I am here. Nervous and horny at the same time I was really getting turned on. I went ... Continue»
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Exploits part 1

I thought I would share some of my best sex exploits with you so here is the first me.orable one

I went out to walk the dog one morning and met up with one of the neighbours walking her dog in the park. She was probably about fifteen years older than myself and had blonde hair and typically dressed in dog walking attire which isn't the sexiest generally. We often walked the dogs together and had a bit of banter and flirting but there was an invisible line that was never crossed due to marital statuses.
On this particular morning she asked about my work knowing I had a big deal I was wor... Continue»
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Anika's starts along the Path

The rain fell steadily as Anika looked out over her backyard sipping her
coffee and thinking. All she could think was that no one asks for their
life to change, not really. But it does. So, what are we, helpless?
Puppets? No. The big moments are going to come, you can't help that.
It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who
you are.

She had ended up using Katy's bathroom during the fourth of July party
and noticed the book near the toilet. "Amber, the HuCow". She had only
give a quick once over but the contents were explicit. It had stayed
with ... Continue»
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i got a call from the main office for a two day training exercise on the new program we will be implementing soon. i called up our secretary and asked her to make a hotel reservation for me and after i made the call i hit the road. usually it only takes about 2 to 3 hours drive in going there but the traffic was a mess that it took me almost 6 hours to get there. i checked in and soak myself in the tub hoping it would ease the stress and aches from that 6 hour drive but it didnt remedy the stress and aches on my tender body. then i said to myself, ahhh "A SOOTHING OILY MASSAGE" will probably ... Continue»
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Susie teaches Sherry how to be a Slut

I've written before about Sherry and Susie, 2 girls who used to live with me. Both girls were BBWs and both were sexually amazing, in their own ways.

Sherry was my girlfriend at the time, she was 22, short and plump, about 5'2" tall, with short brown hair, and brown eyes. She had nice 40D tits and was very pretty, especially when she smiled, which was most of the time. Sherry was very friendly, but not particularly adventurous sexually, and she had not had a lot of partners. She was kind of unsure of herself, she really had no idea how sexy she was. But Sherry was a squirter. She squirted ... Continue»
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a sissy fantasy

(This was inspired after a dirty chat session with cc1908.)

I had done it. Just like he wanted it. Fucked his virgin ass, talked dirty the whole time calling him my faggot whore saying he now had a boipussy that i was going to breed (and did). at the end he shot his load without even touching his cock. his semen shot all the way up to his face and we had a long sticky cum filled kiss. i jokingly told him next time we should get him some panties to see if he's a sissy faggot, he said "yeah some pink ones". i could tell from his tone he wasn't taking it as a joke. well then, i had to see how ... Continue»
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This is my first story I must apologize for my grammar and miss use of punctuations. I hope you enjoy the story.

My name is Madison and I'm 18 years old. My 18 year old self thought I was grown. My friends and I decided to take a train to the city for some shopping. The train was full and we were not all seated together. I stood towards the mid back of the train. I was standing holding on to the rail overhead and of the 2 guys sitting near by the younger guy one offer me his seat. He stands in front of me. I look up and notice he is staring at my cleavage. Young chick with a w... Continue»
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Pregnant Passions

Pregnant Passions

"Don't worry Shelly. I'll be right over."

"Thanks Britt. I really appreciate this."

"See ya soon." With that, I hung up. I didn't mind helping Shelly. Being seven months pregnant, with twins no less, she was having a hard time moving around. Since her husband Tom had to leave the country for work, she really didn't have anyone close that could come over and lend a hand. Luckily, with me being an artist, my job was flexible and I threw some clothes in an overnight bag, grabbed my laptop and hopped in the car. Shelly and I have been friends for a couple ... Continue»
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How i became an transvestite whore!

A year ago I was a straight guy with an ordinary sex life. This year I am a crossdressing hooker working the streets of West Hollywood. If there is a lesson to my story, it is to be careful what you experiment with, because you might end up being transformed into a tranvestite prostitute like me.

It all started with a brief experimentation in cross dressing. One Friday night I dressed up in slutty women’s clothing.

It took a few hours to get transformed, but I did look hot. Very hot.

I started by shaving the hair off most of my body. Shaved my legs. Shaved my chest. Shaved my underarms. ... Continue»
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A Day Off School

A Day Off School
by Katie (address withheld)


This is a true story, of my first sexual experience
with another person, which happened to be my step-
mother, in turn it blossomed into a full blown affair,
which is still alive and strong today. (Ff, ped, 1st-
lesbian-expr, mast, oral, voy)


Hi my name is Katie, and this is a real story. I'm 24
now but this happened 10 years ago.

What happened wasn't my first sexual experience but my
first with another person which happened to be my step

When I was 8 my real mum went off with another man
leaving me with... Continue»
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The Courier.

Fresh out of college in 2010, I was a young bachelor, eager to see the world that many military recruiting posters advertised. Upon graduation, I enlisted with the Nigerian Army and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. I was assigned to the Armed f***es Courier Service (ARFCOS), and after some training, my duty station was a base near Lagos. As military couriers, we were responsible for protecting classified documents and equipment shipped by the military or the government. Members of the Army, Navy, and Air f***e were assigned to ARFCOS, and we travelled extensively.

On a cold day in June... Continue»
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The es(c)ort (7) - The house of illusions

As the days passed and the time for my assignation with Mr Harris drew nearer, I found myself wondering more and more about this strange man. He was not at all attractive, quite unattractive in fact; he was overweight, he was shabby. Some men grow old with dignity and gain a patina of sophistication and experience that can be most alluring; he was simply old, in the untidy way of someone who has let himself go.

And yet he somehow commanded my attention; partly because I was curious as to how he could afford to use e(s)corts so often (he had given no inkling of having private wealth or ... Continue»
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Strip poker

My husband and I went to the casino that night hoping to have a little fun. I wore a tight white dress with a cute pair of white panties and bra. My shoes laced up my calf. My husband wanted me to go out with no panties but I told him he was rushing things. Besides, I get so wet when I do that sometimes I leave wet spots.

When we got there my husband and I went to one of the poker tables and sat down. The chairs where very high so I was careful not to show too much, yet. I was having fun and wanted it to last. After a few hands we went to get a couple drinks upstairs at the bar.

We t... Continue»
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Weekend Break (Part 1)

Weekend Break (Part 1)

We’d rented a cottage in the hills, our regular swing partners Samantha and Martin had agreed to go halves and we all met up at the cottage on the Friday evening.

Rather than cook we decided to grab a bar meal in a local pub.

We chatted, ate, drank, flashed and flirted, as was the usual when we got together.

During the evening Wayne announced he and Martin would be playing golf on the Saturday and ‘you girls could go shopping or find something to do’ as he eloquently put it.

‘I thought we were spending the day all together?’ I asked.

‘We’re playi... Continue»
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The Dream (or Nightmare)

At first awareness...Where am I?

I cannot move, though I am not restrained.

I cannot see, though I am not blindfolded.

I am laying on my back on something cold and hard...a marble or granite surface. I am nude as best I can tell. The cool, dank air is tickling my skin all over. There is musky smell in the air. A basement? no. there is something clean about the smell. It's somewhere old, I smell old polished wood, and stone...a church? perhaps.

There is a soft droning sound. It's not unpleasant or pleasant. It just consumes the room. It's all I can hear. It's like...a ... Continue»
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Gone Fishing

Have you ever had one of those days where the stars must've been lined up just right and all was good in the world. The kind of day where the sun was shining just right and you were just happy to be alive to witness it. Yeah, me neither, but today was close. It was just three days after my fiftieth birthday and I'd managed to get out of the house and down to the fishing hole before the wife could start bitching. It was mostly because she'd still been asl**p when I snuck out. She was going to be pissed when I got home as I'm sure that she had a hundred better ways for me to spend my Saturday mo... Continue»
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The Train Ride

The place Australia, the year 1955, and me an eighteen-year old English girl, just completed two years of training as a c***d care assistant. As I've got relatives in Australia who found me a placement, I was able to get a work Visa for a two year stay. The plan was to work for this f****y as a nanny, looking after their two c***dren for the next two years, and then if I felt I liked the country, apply for permanent residence. 

The f****y lived way out in the deserted North West outback, and they owned a vast area around Jennywren that was being mined for minerals of some kind. I had been w... Continue»
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My story with Part 3 and end

(A Bit Slutty, continued...)

You are now every bit as horny as Laura is. You climb on to the bed and practically throw yourself on top of her, your prick prodding aggressively against her panties. They won’t come off with her suspenders still attached, so Laura reaches down and pulls the gusset to the side, exposing her bald cunt. You make a couple of unsuccessful attempts at entry before you feel a cool hand wrap around your cock.

It’s your girlfriend! She grips your shaft and guides your knob between Laura’s outer lips, sliding it along her slippery cleft until it nestles at her entran... Continue»
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