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Thunder Ch. 03

The Thunder boomed overhead as Karen rode her Nephew's cock. Each crash of thunder caused the very pregnant woman to twitch with a mixture of desire and fear.

"Oh baby, your wonderful cock feels so good inside me," Karen moaned.

Benny reached up and stroked her huge belly. He loved feeling her swollen stomach, knowing that his baby was growing inside his Aunt. "I can't wait until our Daughter is born so I can knock you up all over again."

As Karen rode her lover's cock she gazed down into his eyes. "How do you know your baby is a girl? We refused to let the doctor tell us the sex of the bab... Continue»
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Eva part2

Continued from here:

She gasped suddenly as my fingers worked there way down her shorts, slowly I worked my fingers over the top of her panties.
They felt like lace or maybe satin, but my fingers felt the undeniable heat beneath them more than anything else.
Her body wriggled against my hand, pushing herself against me as teaser her slowly through the soft material.
All the time her neck and head extended upwards so that I could plant soft kisses there teasing her slowly, and making her heart rate increase with every passing second.
After a ... Continue»
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Pasadena: TBBT fan-fic

Pasadena – in the esteemed opinion of Amy Farrah Fowler – would never change. There would always be overcrowded suburban shopping malls lying in direct contrast to the neighboring silicon valley, overflowing with scientists and surfers who crowded the restaurants up and down the main drag of town, scheming to get closer to the waves or further inland to the safety of the suburbs.

Amy knew the story. She’d been born here, and she’d seen any number of people crop up at her place of employ, secretaries that lasted a week before fleeing to the excitement of Hollywood or the bland safety of the ... Continue»
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When mom sucked me off

I like playing certain porn as I know for a fact someone will open or.walk through a door. Or by me... knowing they have to see the porn I'm watching.
Last night I was watching bbc as my b*****r looked over my shoulder. Then I won't say what happened.
But tonight... I wanted my mom to walk in on me one final time today.
She stared earlier for a long time. I was watching bukakke cumsluts so I believe mom was staring at the large oversized cocks on the screen.
Then...oh no! I must go!
So I decided I'd finally get her...

It started off with the mature woman just like her, in the porn t... Continue»
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Hotel room with Krystal my slut

Two weeks had past since I broke Krystal's anal virginity. She was back at school and I was back at varsity with my studies. Krystal and I exchanged a number of messages as we planned to see each other again. I was still coaching her b*****r cricket on weekends and the school took me on to help coach some rugby in the afternoons. So thankfully I still had some good money coming in and I could afford to book a hotel room for a Saturday night again. Krystal and I planned this Saturday carefully getting permission from her parents to drop her off at the mall at 3pm and only pick her up later that... Continue»
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the domination effect

As the boys leave for another science fuelled adventure Penny and Bernadette are left alone in Penny's apartment.

"So penny is there anything you want to do?" Bernadette asked. Knowing full well her plans for the next week. Bernadette had never told anyone but she had had a large crush on penny ever since she had met her. Penny's long hair, big breasts and perky bum just did it for her. Bernadette had taken with her two large ball gags, a dildo, a collar, a leed, a vibrator, a strap-on, hand cuffs, scarfs, duct tape, rope, a whip, a horse whip and nipple clamps to use on Penny, plus a few c... Continue»
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Dunkin Donuts Girl - Sarah Part 1

I’ve always been a big fan of Dunkin Donuts and ogling the hot young chicks there when getting coffee and food. For years I’ve also been chatting up the girls while looking at those cute asses poured into tight jeans and seeking glimpses of meaty camel toes.

Most of them know it and welcome it and will chat with you and even flirt a little bit. Of course there are some old hags you do have to put up with. One of my favorites over the last year was a really cute girl names Sarah. She is on the shorter side, about 5’2” with what looked like some very sweet little b cups and a fantas... Continue»
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Start of my FWB

Parveen was a girl I didn't know until about until I came to university even though we were both from the same country previously. When I first saw her I thought she was slightly cute but nothing more than that. We joined the same group in university and became closer friends. Since we also did the same degree, we found time to help each other with work. While our friendship grew, we became more open about our lives and in particular our sexual lives. She would tell me what turns her on and what she likes and I would do the same. This was when I first started fantasizing about her because I re... Continue»
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Life changing first anal as a sissy slave

This is about my first time as a submissive sissy with another crossdresser. This was also was also my first anal with a real cock...which happened to be 8+ inches long, thick and as I figured out later also on viagra.
At that time I was cross dressing occasionally wearing stockings and knickers. I had only sucked cock twice
and although I had played with toys I never had a real cock in me., it was something that was scary to me but at the same time I was craving it.
So one night I was online talking to another crossdresser, we chatted for ages and the conversation was getting more and m... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Lock Up

The Skate Park
Lock Up

Officer Kelso rolled me into the jail about 300 AM. It was pretty quite due to the late hour. Booking went pretty quick. I didn't say much until the booking officer run his finger up my ass, and told me to cough. “Did ya like that “? was all I said to him. He handed me some orange stripes and told me to put them on. I shucked out of my street clothes, and slid into them, fixing my dick to hang low. He kinda looked at me and asked where were my shorts. I looked back at him, real dumb like, and just said “what”? He gave me a shove and said just go on. The next step... Continue»
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Dominated by a shemale over omegle

Stranger: i come in, dressed in a mid knee skirt, tight tube top with my d's poppingout
Stranger: grab you by the shirt and telll you to take me to you room
Stranger: i close the door and tell you to strip
Stranger: long blode hair drapped down my chest
You: *starts to strip, with a silly dance*
Stranger: i give you a pair of panties
Stranger: put htese on
You: *i try to look confused, but you can see it on my bugle that i like it*
You: ''yes mistress'' i say
Stranger: now sit on the bed
Stranger: i walk over leavingmy heels by the door
You: *sits down on the bed*
Stranger: i star... Continue»
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Sex with my mother

Sex with my mother

It was getting into autumn and the nights were getting colder but my room always remains the hottest somehow. I was feeling the heat a bit so i went downstairs to turn the heating off and my mom came out of her room to tell me that its cold in her room and she didnt want the heating turned off, but i told her "im turning the heating off and if you want i will sl**p in your room then".

My mom has a big king-size bed and heavy covers, Yet she is always feeling cold for some reason. I jumped into the bed while she went to get herself a drink, and god the quilts were he... Continue»
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Tori's Sissy Part 1

My phone rang. It was Tori, “You wanna run some errands with me then go to your apartment and watch the new Justice League movie?”. “I’d love to. What errands?”’ “Costco, Post Office, that sort of stuff.”
I met her at her place and we headed out to do her errands. She was dressed very sexy, she loves to tease me; she was wearing a tiny skirt and a Supergirl tank top with no bra. I could clearly see her nipple rings through her shirt. My cock got a little heavier. We mailed some stuff at the Post Office and dropped off her rent before we went to Costco for groceries and some stuff to drink whi... Continue»
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I fucked my s****r

It was an early morning when I woke up to my s****r jumping on top to wake me up. I thought I was going to beat her, but I held it in.

“Hey Alex, get up sl**py.” was all she said.

“Lexi, get off of me now.” I groaned.

Her long straight brown hair whipped me in the face when she got up. I watched her leave, she was wearing the shortest pajamas I had ever seen. She wore a tank top along with it. I couldn’t believe we were fifteen already. Football made time fly by and made summers fun. But this summer was going to be different. I made varsity and was going to go through hell in practice... Continue»
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On the train

I jump on the train back home as every Friday night. It's quite empty, in my carriage there must be less than 5 people.The seat next to me is empty as the one in front of me.
After a few stations the train gets even more empty. I have a look around and I am alone in the carriage. Very well, I am pretty tired and I can fall asl**p.

I am woken up by the sudden stop of the train. I notice a man on the platform, tall, brown skin, clean shaved face. He wears a black old t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts. He jumps on the train and I hear the door of my carriage opening, he walks along the corridor... Continue»
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Down the Rabbit Hole Pt.1

Down the Rabbit Hole Pt.1

I had been living with my new roommate, Ryan, for about 3 months. We didn’t really have much in common, he being a 6’ 1” blonde, stocky muscly rugby player and apparently a babe magnet by the sounds I heard coming from his room on a Friday and Saturday night, and me being a 5’ 10” skinny geeky brunette lad who had been with girls but hadn't had much luck lately. We didn’t really talk much, didn't have much in common and pretty much kept to ourselves. All that was to change though one Saturday night.

Ryan had left the house about 7:30pm. He was going for drinks with... Continue»
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Asian Wife: First Cuckold

For a long time I have been wanting to watch my wife fuck another guy, but she is way to shy and would always say maybe if the guy is really cute....which never happens. The thought of my wife wanting another cock inside of her turns me on a lot and being able to watch her enjoy it so much makes my dick explode. I love when she will talk dirty when I say she is so good at giving a blow job and she gives me an evil look and says "I have been practicing on my coworkers." I know she has a really naughty mind, but I wish I could see it come alive.

My wife and I decided to go to our first anime... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Midnight Skatin

The Skate Park
Midnight Skatin

“Mom” ? “Yes honey”? “Who's that on the couch”? Well, that's your b*****r sweetie—you dont reconise him”? “umm, looks like he kinda growed up” “lol, well yes, I guess he has since you saw him last” “He's hairy as an ape---and damm what some feet” “yes, he's quite the man now. But don't wake him up honey, he had a rough night with your dad”. “He gonna be moving in with us now mom “? “I think probably so—your dad is going to Mexico” “That sux”

As I lay there on the couch, on my back, with my arms back behind my head, I sence a presence near me. I guess it ... Continue»
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A friend asked me if I could do some house repairs for a senior woman he said had no money to do necessary repairs. I do it a lot for seniors with little money and most times don't have to charge them. He said she was a 72 year old widow with a big house.
I got to the house Saturday morning and was met at the door by a short woman with a mean looking face but the next thing I noticed was her hair. It was multi colored. It was red yellow blue purple white and all sticking up all over the place. She was angry because I was 5 minutes late. I apologized and she let me in taking me right to the wo... Continue»
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Loser Has to Suck Winner's Cock Gay

I had just turned 21 and my neighbor, Tony was 3 years older than me but we were both living at home and going to college. He was in great shape with long hair and rugged, handsome features.

One hot summer day there didn't seem to be anyone around the neighborhood, so I went to see what Tony was up to. His house was quiet and dark with no cars in the driveway. I knocked twice and was about to turn and go when he answered the door. He was dressed like me in shorts and a T-shirt. He explained no one else was home and he was down in the basement watching TV and asked if I wanted to come in a... Continue»
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